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14 March 2008



Thanks for the update on Wilson Cruz. He came out during my teenage years and was an early role model. Wilson always speaks out on politics and its very "refreshing." ;)

From one new Barack Obama supporter, who first heard about him two years ago on your site, thanks for being fair to BOTH candidates. I think many of us, especially who are black, tend to read similar blogs and radio and hear only perspective. It's good to hear both sides in a respectful way, which many of us forget sometimes.


Thanks, but no explanation was needed. You've said great things about Obama and Clinton for years. Everyone who reads this site knows it's not Kool-Aid HQ.

I'm glad to see Wilson is involved in the campaign. Hopefully he will hit the campaign trail for Obama! But something tells me that many Wilson Cruz fans are already Obama fans.


This is great news. The Obama campaign is doing a great job in its outreach to the LGBT community. Clinton and Obama are about the same on the issues, but something tells me his administration would be very welcoming. Especially to black and Latino LGBTs.

Tony R

Like Donnie McClurkin?

Andy Niable

Great news, indeed, and the post is appreciated.

Of course I expect the RNC to grind it up into an attack ad, as evidence of the "Hollyweird Liberals" behind Obama, in about 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

But so be it. Both Obama and Hillary are light-years ahead of McCain on equal-rights issues, and that's nothing to be ashamed of.


Tony, haven't you beaten that Donnie McClurkin horse in almost every gay related Obama post? It happened. He made a mistake. It was a mistake in judgment. Obama thought it would blow over and didn't and his "compromise" only made it worse.

However, since then, Obama has shown more "sensitivity" to gay issues and often mentions gays and lesbians in speeches.

There are some important points where I disagree with Rod but to his credit he has (1) ALWAYS gone out of his way to show Obama will put his POLITICAL CAPITAL in the line to mention LGBT people and (2) consistently said McClurkin is NOT a DEAL KILLER.

Tyler Grey

Umm, Rod, we've talked about being "fair" in the black blogsophere. "Fair" means recycling Obama talking points and YouTubes, "good" means all of the above.

This is a positive and insightful post but it still is far from "fair" or "good." Please get with the program, post more Janet Jackson and start Hillary bashing, mm'kay? ;)

Tony R

Donnie McClurkin is not an example of Obama's "good judgment" on the gays?

John RR

Andy Niable: You are so right, Obama and Hillary are miles ahead of McCain, at some point we will have to focus on McCain.

Tony R: McClurkin has hardly set the tone for Obama's LGBT campaign. You stumble, you pick yourself up and Obama has done a good job. Originally I was for Edwards, then went to Obama, then became turned off by McClurkin, headed to Hillary, became turned off by all that drama, so, I'm back at Obama's "big tent." I will be very happy if Obama is the nominee; Hillary I can live with if necessary. Either one could beat McCain, but they would be vastly different campaigns.

Tyler: You always crack me up with those remarks, lol. I think Rod is listening, he finally posted some Janet!

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