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07 April 2008



Does he "only connect with African Americans" and college grads? Give me a break ...

Audacity to Hope

Okay, Rod. We're starting to see your point. Media bias happens. Racial slurs are said. Thank you. Will you keep pointing out these examples every time you see them? Or is the larger point that the Obama campaign and the blogs ignore them?


Chris Matthews is the one that keeps making off color remarks and sexist comments. Are you upset because they are always reported here? He did the same with Clinton all last year, but no one cared.

But yes, to answer your question, it is interesting how the Obama campaign and Obama bloggers do not seem to care about certain things said by certain people. When I heard McCaskill call Obama a "black leader who was not a victimz", I thought, well, it's a good thing that she supports Obama, if she were o Clinton's side, WOW.

I hadn't heard this latest one by Tweety. Classic.


McCaskill may have chosen her words poorly. When I first read this, I interpreted it to mean "come across" as a victim, which means she (a white woman) is pointing out that White folks did not accept previous Black candidates.

She should know better to choose her words more carefully if in fact that is what she meant. If she did not mean that, that's terrible. But all these surrogates are somewhat out of control!

Greg G

I think you're right, KB. Obama does not come from that "victim" school, which is why he is embraced by so many people of all color and persuasions.

Now, about those surrogates. Should we start holding "Surrogate 101" classes? Lesson A, always stick to the script, lol.

Rod Mc

Luther, you're psychic. I'm working on a post to start an email campaign to MSNBC. I'll try to have it up later and hope to coordinate with other (black) bloggers.

Proud Dem

Rod, that's a great idea, please do.



Andy Niable

As an official Obama delegate to the Washington State Democratic Caucus in June, I officially denounce Chris Matthews' Batshit Crazy Antics and racial insensitivity. If I am elected to go to Denver, I shall carry a large net with me, and if I am ever close enough, I shall throw it over him and spare us all any further embarassment.

(Just kidding, Security, about the net part.)

Please, Mr. Matthews, if Obama truly gives you shivers of man-crush, just shut up, you are doing him far more harm with these inane comments, especially on race. Please, shut-up, Chris. Focus your flash-light insight on the McCainnanites and their unstable leader.


Well being an StL native, I know that McCaskill doesn't have the best racial equality record herself. And as many know she was a Clinton supporter merely due to gender politics until her daughter persuaded her otherwise, so her comments aren't much of a surprise....

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