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03 April 2008



This is very bad news but not unexpected. I really enjoyed Clik's new format, but the quality left something to be desireed. The photo shoots are always lovely but the editorial content needed serious editing.

Maybe they will re-launch with a stronger quality control.

Tony R

What does this mean for subscribers? Will there be a refund or will the new web content be subscription only?


This is too bad. I enjoyed Clik and followed it for many years. I like the newer format and the photography and models are outstanding. Hopefully the new online version will be a PDF.

A. Ronald

This is not a surprise. The subscriptions are slow, its difficult to find the magazine in the stores and the focus was wrong. Too much on celebrities and divas, not enough "community", but, this Power of Us photo shoot is beautiful.

The magazine really jumped the shark with the Terry McMillan cover and folow-up. This woman trashed gay mena dn we gave her a platform.

Rod, wasn't that your cover story?

Rod McCullom

Not my cover story, if you check the archives, I actually took exception to the article and cover.

Samuel I

No offense, but, the magazine just didn't grab me. Sure, some of the photos were great, but it seemed more oriented toward ballroom kids than professional black gay men. Some of the recent iossues that I saw had features on travel, working on, gadgets and I liked those, but, the endless pictorials of made up little boys ... meh.


I like Zavi's suggestion. Maybe they will relaunch with a spectacular new format and mission. The teenybopper celeb stuff and "house" boys were just not my thing.


Good to see brothers go out there, try to do something, and achieve a modicum of success. Hopefully they learn, grow, and come back better


The magazine was decent. I'm sorry to see it go. There are no other national black LGBT magazines.

Lee Hayes

I have been a fan of the magazine for years and I, personally, am sorry to see it go. There are no other national magazines with a LGBT focus that I know of...


While the pictures were pretty, the editorial content left a lot to be desired. How many of you remember, The Pyramid Periodical or Blackheart magazine? They weren't as pretty but they gave me a lot of important information when i was a teenager. They were filled with poetry and great stories. I still have many issues stored away. I'm sorry to see Clik go. It just means something better is on the way.


Are you Lee hayes the author? Wow! A celebrity appearance on Rod 2.0.

I'm going to miss Clik. doin;t live in the States (Italy) and it was my connection to the larger black gay community back home.


Lee, this must be very distressing news for authors. Clik, while it had its faults, was a national vehicle and showcased novels and books by black gay and lesbian authors. It will be missed.


I was hoping this wouldn’t happen but I’m not surprised. I loved Click but did not renew my subscription because I simply outgrew it. I grew up and Click did not; and even tough I’m pushing 40, I felt like a dirty old man looking at those young boys. I was really hoping to see Click Evolve into a more mature magazine since there are already three that cater to young black men I can think of.


I have to agree with the poster who said the mag was geared toward ball kids. The only one I actually purchased was the one with the Noah's Arc cast on the cover, and it was FILLED with errors. It just seemed kind of careless. I never got another one. I do support black gay art and stuff, but it needs to be quality. But too much emphasis was placed on fashion and pretty boys for me. There's more to being black and gay than that.


I hope more gay magazines follow.

Almost all major gay magazines (except Instinct) follow the straight supremacist ideology. Every cover is of a straight person. Gay people and gay issues are pushed to the back and stereotyped. If you are a gay magazine that focuses on straight people and how great they are you deserve to go down. Gay people don't need to reaffirm their heterosexuality and line their pockets with our money after thousands of years of oppression. Where is the community building?


I am deeply sadden that CLIK as ended. It seems like everything with Black and gay attached goes away once noticed!

Lee Hayes, author of Passion Marks, A Deeper Blue & The Messiah

Yes, as an author (certainly not a celebrity...LOL), it is pretty distressing to see Clik go, but I am hopeful that the online version will fill the void.

I really enjoyed receiving my Clik each month because it was the only publication for us and by us and, for me, that was meaningful.

I think some of the criticism of the magazine here is a bit harsh. It is difficult to put out a book or a magazine that will appeal to everyone, so creative people have to pick and choose and find their focus and hope folks will come along for the ride.


I can’t say that I’m sad or even surprised for that matter of the magazine shutting down. However, I will not rejoice in the demise of a magazine that was established “to honor, recognize, uplift and highlight the Black Gay Experience in America.” As a subscriber, I had become tired of all the type o’s, grammatical errors, receiving the publication almost two months after seeing it on the stands at times and countless other mistakes that had become the norm. I understand mistakes happen, but when you call yourself putting out a publication, I think it’s only fair to put out a quality product. I hope if someone else decides to step in, they make a conscious effort to do better.


I am very sad that Clik will no longer be available for my reading enjoyment. It's funny how so many have negative things to say about the typos, grammer, etc. It wasn't great at all times but so what. It was by us and for us. Celebrate that achievement. Sometimes we really are like crabs in a barrel.


Luther, I agree. Many of us are saddened by the loss and are disappointed there are few positive images of black LGBT.

However, in my humble opinion, perhaps many of the commenst weren't celebrating the news. Some were just saying "Clik" has not lived up to its potential.

I was a subscriber and will be very happy to see the magazine's new digital counterpart. I do want to see more community-oriented news, more stories on newsmakers, and, more of an professional black LGBT focus.

The many, many "pretty boys" on the covers did not influence me. Some of the later issues were great. E Lynn Harris, Deondray and Quincy,. Maurice Jamal were great covers.

Dwight Powell, Clik Magazine

Just a brief comment that I would like to make here. Please remember that the magazine did not go down, or fail as some of the comments suggest. After ten years of publishing it, I, Dwight Powell felt the need to move on to other things. Clik Magazine did not go out of business (actually my staff and I are still in our office), we are simply moving to another level of doing what we do. I have decided to end my run with the magazine on a positive, with the multiple covers, more page count, and special ways of saying thank you, and still there are those that seek to find fault. To the others, continue to be motivating and inspirational, because it really takes a lot... someone with tough skin to tolerate our community... especially as long as I have.

Lee Hayes, author of Passion Marks, A Deeper Blue & The Messiah

Well said, Dwight. And, good luck with your future endeavors. I wish you and your staff the best. I'm excited to see what will come next.

Bradley Jax

Dwight Powell, thank you for those comments and thank you for your magazine and service to the community.

CLIK is a beautiful institution. It is the premier magazine for black gay men. Undoubtedly it will rise again in a more compelling digital format.

Franklyn Smith

I'm going to miss Clik, at least in the magazine format. It's a shame, people are reading fewer books and magazines, it must be very difficult to be an author or magazine publisher.

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