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03 April 2008


Andrew C

I'm very sorry to see the magazine end its print production. The covers and photography were beautiful. There are so many talented people in our community. Hopefully the new cyber version will be hot!

Mr. Murphy Calling

Dwight, thank you for ten wonderful years! The best of success in your endeavors.

Obama Mama

Someone made a very good point earlier. Okay, maybe Clik wasn't "The New Yorker" but it was ours. Sometimes our community, black folks, black gay men, we are our own worse critics. The magazine can't be everything to everybody but it was good. This is a sad day.

Thank you Dwight, for your service, for a wonderful magazine and producing a strong sense of community. Thank you Lee Hayes for wonderful books. Thank you Duane Cramer for excellent photography. Thank you Rod for bringing us the news and great writing.

Rod Mc

Dwight Powell should be commended and applauded for his service to the communuity. CLIK is/was iconic in the black gay community and black gay culture.

Unfortunately, he is also correct in stating that it "takes someone with tough skin" to be out and in a leadership position in our community. There is a hyper-criticism that is pervasive across the black community, and, black gay community. Just speaking for myself, it was much easier to write and produce news at ABC News or NBC, and, deal with feedback from the public at large.

Grant and Go

This news is not good. Clik is a revered institution in our community and its presence will be missed. Here is looking to the new online version, which hopefully will be soon.


Clik is a great magazine. I, for one, will be sorry to see it go.

Jordan H

This magazine was my first introduction to the black SGL community. The models were beautiful, the stories were timely and the fashion was wonderful. Congratulations, Dwight, for a job well done.

Love Before Honor

I am going to miss Clik. I live down South in a smaller town. The models and fashion were so beautiful, maybe you guys in New York City and Los Angeles see men like this all the time, we never see them down here.


Will Clik's new online content be free or at a premium?


i enjoyed the magazine and will miss it. hopefully we will have another one to enjoy in the future because we have a void that needs to be filled fellas.


Wow. I took the weekend off from blogs and look at what I missed. This is very sad news indeed.

Dwight, you did a fantatsic job with CLIK. I remember it well in the late 90s at Houston Splash and then n the early 2000s at MLK Day and Labor Day in ATL. The magazine grew and became iconic. It will be missed and hopefully its new, digital format will be exciting and profitable!


When does the new online version launch? I would subscribe to it.

derrick foss

Wasn't very impressed with Clik, it was difficult to find, subscriptions were slow and the writing was poor. IMHO.


Hey Dwight I understand that you guys are moving up but that still does not answer the questions about paid subscriptions. What will happen to those who paid for subscription to CLIK? I for one will miss it and I love it when it do come and read the whole thing that day! I enjoyed all the articles whether they were errors are not! Yes we have issues...always! Never satisfied and so ungrateful! Thanks man for keeping us positive and in the loop for 10 years!

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