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08 April 2008




*waiting for the Obamacans to jump on this post*

I'm not sure about her being "angry", but I do see why the media pundits would feel she has a very strong sense of entitlement...it's kina "Jack and Jill-esque", no?



*waiting for the Obamacans to jump on this post*

I'm not sure about her being "angry", but I do see why the media pundits would feel she has a very strong sense of entitlement...it's kina "Jack and Jill-esque", no?


>>>*waiting for the Obamacans to jump on this post*

Don't think that will happen. Why get upset when columnists or your own supporters use racist stereotypes against Michelle Obama? That's only damaging your own brand.

Its easier to invent Clinton conspiracies!


ATL Kid:

they need to? Once again, Rod is disparaging the future first lady...they should be jumping in here with knives ready to cut! LOL!

honestly, i dont see her being "angry", but she does come off with an air of being entitled. She was here in Pittsburgh, and folk were not impressed with the manner in which she carried herself...of course, she was with Teresa Heinz Kerry, who's a HOT damn mess herself...

the video of the two bloggers talking about her was very candid and honest and i see their points...

and so do those very white men who are scared of her.

audacity to hope

First of all, "Ryan", I am a proud Obama supporter. I am not an "Obamacan" or "Obamaton." Thank you!

Second, I'm watching this video and trying to understand from where does Michelle Obama's "anger" reportedly come from?

It's very odd that several columnists are writing or discsussing it in a week wghere haven't even seen her.

What are they trying to say?


Well it was only a matter of time, we all knew it was coming... yadah, yadah, yadah. If she was white... well you know the story.

Entitlement! who has a stronger since of Entitlement than Hillary!

Double standard!

Behind every strong black man is a stronger black woman, you better recognize!


"audacity to hope" (Ryan is my real name, no need for quotes. though the attempts at "humor" were "fierce" and "inspired")

Obamacan=Obamallama=Obamabot=Obamaton=Obama Supporter: same difference to me...

as for her anger, I dont see it either. But, the sense of entitlement is there...check her recent speeches, etc.

I think you KNOW what they are saying about her....


Umm, Samuel, this has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. Did you even read the columns? Two of these people are obviously PRO-OBAMA but for some reason don't like Michelle.

There are ways to discuss issues without blaming everything on Hillary Clinton. This just demonstrates you didn't read the columnist or watch the video.

I'm sorry, but Rod is dead-right, he's said it before. Too many Obama fangurls spend so much time blaming everything on the Clintons, they don't even know how to analyze their own candidate.

audacity to hope

Yes, "Ryan", some of us are inspired and we are not ashamed to say it.

I'm asking Rod, since he seems to be very good at catchig these video clips or readig these articles, what is his point? How should we fight this?

And "Ryan", what entitlement do you hear coming from Michelle Obama? Is a black woman with an Ivy league education that threatening?


"audacity to hope" you may be "inspired", but you don't get sarcasm...

you don't see the entitlement? no, there is nothing threatening about a black woman with an ivy league education--i have the same pedigree and am close friends with MANY black women who have the same pedigree.

its not that..it is the fact that she gives off an air that she is somehow a step above most working class people...when its a known fact that she comes off as being quite disconnected with the working class-black and white. the very people her husband--also very disconnected with the working class--so desperately needs to COURT if he intends to win in November..or, was the point really to get the nomination--and not much else..just thinking out loud.


Oh, this is too rich.

A white pro-Obama supporter calls Michelle Obama "uppity."

Barack's chickens are coming home to roost!


Ryan makes a very good point. Michelle Obama doesn't generate the same type of affection as that of her husband.

It is not very surprising that the blogs are starting to openly speculate that she could hurt her husband's chances. You see they have kept her in the dark lately.

That columnist calling her "uppity" is just a scream. Especially at Obama Points Memo, ummm, Talking Points Memo.


I am so intrigued and appalled by this conversation.

When Oprah first reigned on television, Black folks were upset by her "Aunt Jemina" sense of familiarity. She grew and developed and on tv and now Black folks don't like her because she cowtows to white and is uppity.

Kathleen Battle stars at the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC and the staff, in dealing with the Premiere Soprano of our times, call her uppity because she isn't warm and has demands, the very definition of Diva being opera-originated.

Now, a dignified Black woman, who has educated herself, studied, raised wonderful children, serves her community, loves her husband and is articulate and the "uppity" dagger is hurled at her and Black folks are debating it. What is UPPITY? She doesn't have fried chicken in her hands and a warm, "how you doing" disposition? If she were friendly, she's be called a "sell out" or a "Aunt Thomasina."

She carries herself well and is well-versed and she's uppity. I don't know if Black folks will EVER be able to be ALL that we can be on a mainstream level, because the press still has moments with languaging itself in such a way that it isn't SURPRISING that Black people are well spoken. Also, and more hurtfully, it seems that Black folks ourselves have moments where we seem to buy into the ways we are supposed to be. ENTITLEMENT means what? THE RIGHT TO GUARANTEED BENEFITS and she is entitled! WE ALL ARE!

We have been told and told again that if we study, work hard, live well and do our very best, that we can be anything and I THANK GOD that Michelle Obama is showing young women and surely young women of color the WORLD over that YOU ARE ENTITLED TO BE THE FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES! It's a guaranteed right to be able to see a dream come true, and in our lifetime!

IF THEY DON'T LIKE HER LIKE THAT, THEN FINE...We don't all have to like each other to be unconditional in our love ethic towards each other!







Homo N Harlem

Now, a dignified Black woman, who has educated herself, studied, raised wonderful children, serves her community, loves her husband and is articulate and the "uppity" dagger is hurled at her and Black folks are debating it.

If you watch the video, the black writer from Essence, Debra Dickerson, makes a very good point that all black people are concerned about the inner cities and poverty. Regardless of circumstances. But, as Rev Kev so eloquently says, she never says "Michelle Obama is NOT angry!"

Too many times, whites construct "pride" or "brilliance" as "anger."

Now, I am also concerned that a white man (who calls himself an Obama supporter believes he has the right to describe Michelle Obama as "uppity." WTF? This is 2008. Michelle Obama is the VP of a major university hospital, she is very intelligent and quite accomplished. What, should she mumble and be shuffle?


AND WHEN I SAY INTRIGUED AND APPALLED BY THIS CONVERSATION...I mean in the press, not here. I love that we are this engaged!


I saw the video of the "debate" between Debra Dickerson and the white guy from the Atlantic Monthly several hours ago. Michelle Obama upset Republicans and some Democrats several weeks ago when she said that she was proud of her country for the first time. Some whites took that to mean she wasn't proud of her country before her husband's run for president. If Obama gets the nomination, the Republicans are surely going to try to use Michelle's so-called lack of patriotism to hurt her husband's campaign. And then you have the Obama family's close, long-term association with the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Most white Americans, even some liberals, believe in the "my country right or wrong" philosophy. Many of them wonder what a highly educated black woman (regardless of how she grew up) has to be "angry" about. Her perceived atitudes are not politically helpful in a presidential election. Will the Republicans attempt to tie Michelle's "patriotism problem" to Obama's Rev. Wright problem and his now infamous "God Damn America" sermon? This is a valid question in a presidential campaign.


Will the Republicans attempt to tie Michelle's "patriotism problem" to Obama's Rev. Wright problem and his now infamous "God Damn America" sermon? This is a valid question in a presidential campaign...

How valid is it if we don't examine the Pastor's comments in the context of the importance of CLINTON and MCCAIN's "spiritual advisors?" PAT ROBERSON, JERRY FALWELL, ROD PARSLEY and many "adored" white preachers/pastor has said some VILE things and these candidates get to say "BUT I DON'T ATTEND THEIR CHURCH." But that doesn't mean that they don't have full access, dinners and close company. I refuse to continue to allow this campaign to be about Senator Obama and Rev. Dr. Wright if we aren't REALLY going to examine who hangs out with whom and talks about what! If you listen to MANY of Dr. King's sermons, NOT SPEECHES, you will find that he questions America with the same vigor. It was just revealed THIS WEEK that Dr. King's last sermon, which had notes already typed up for Sunday service before his assassination was "WILL AMERICA GO TO HELL?"

As a Black American, and as an educated person, I know what Mrs. Obama meant by "for the first time" and while I appreciate Americans "PATRIOTISM TO THE GRAVE" mentality, it has taken us into a stupid and unjust war and costs us TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Someone has to be strong enough to speak truth to power and if that begins here, then great.


Memo to Michelle: Take notes from Laura Bush, wear pretty gowns, smile, put on an American flag pin at every stop, and say how proud you are to be an American at least once a day and then maybe, just maybe you will be just as well liked as your husband...


I don't think she's angry, but there is some 'tude there, for sure. It's in her overall demeanor. I don't think it will hurt him though. I think the thought of having a first lady who's black is unsettling to some people though.


If you look carefully at the TPM article Rod posted, Rosenberg is actually CRITICIZING white people for resorting to the predictable stereotype of a confident, opinionated black woman being "uppity."

Homo N Harlem

ELG, the answer to your question is "yes." The pereceived lack of patriotism is ripe for the Republicns to exploit, but, it almost seems too easy.

This isn't saying it's right, it's just what they're doing. It something that I read on this blog long ago, about comparisons of Obama to Iran, it doesn't seem they fought this stereotype when it came out. So Duwayne is right, it's sad but unfortunate that whenevers first ladies do not go the traditional route (ie Hillary) they become demonized.

Michelle Obama is in a damned if you do, damned if you don't position.

Derrick from Philly

Looka' hea', the whole idea between Obama and his white constituency is that the white Obama supporters don't see black people as stereotypes. Also, they don't see First Ladies as stereotypes. Roselyn Carter, Hillary Clinton set the mark for the new type of First Lady--uppity. Laura Bush is in the "Pat Nixon, Lady Bird Johnson" mold--plastic. (I don't where the hell you'd place Miss Nancy--"let them eat cake", I guess.

Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee. Michelle Obama will be the wife of the nominee, but yet her own woman. You aint gonna' change her. It's a done deal now.

Y'all want uppity, shit, think about Bill Clinton as the First Lady...a cheatin' one at that.


Christopher, I disagree. Rosenberg says Michelle Obama "has an edge" and attributes it to her being African American from the inner city, as opposed to being multiracial from hawaii.

I do think he is saying what people are "saying behind closed doors", but he is certainly "not" coming out and defending her as a brilliant, outspoken, multilayered person.

Rosenberg says "she" is not like "he."


Two more things, Christopher.

What about the Atlantic writer who talks about Michelle Obama's "anger" and "entitlement' and the AP columnist?

And where in Rosenberg's piece does he defend Michelle Obama? Or criticize those whites?


BTW, going to Princeton or Harvard will not make you less angry, on the contrary. Those bastions of white privilege are not quite as much fun if you are not white, male and straight. And certainly Princeton cannot have been a walk-in-the-park from a social point of view for a black woman in the 1980s.

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