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28 April 2008



this is good news, since the dl chronicles does have strong writing and very believable storylines, something that Noah's Arc lacked (yea, im going there).

I don't have here!, but I may have to see if I can subscribe to it via comcast.

And, you know I love you rod, but there's a major typo in the second paragraph of this post. Take out the become its a double negative of sorts (become approach mean the same thing in theory) take out the become and the paragraph is grammatically fine. :)

Rod Mc

Thanks for the catch, Ryan!

I totally agree.; The DL Chronicles is well-written and manages to be substantive and sexy. It's more relationship oriented and the writers have a keen ear for dialogue.


agreed rod..though, i have noticed something that quite a few friends i know who watch the show have pointed out...

is it me, or are most of the men on the show biracial or light skinned? i never thought about it at all until i went back and watched eps from season 1...

just commenting....i love the show and will continue to watch..but, still...

Franklyn Smith

Thank goodness! The DL Chronicles is a wonderful show. The scripting is solid, the actors are stronga nd the situations are very entertaining. I'm glad you have been following this show on Rod 2.0.

Unfortunately, I don't have HERE but watched the DVD. Hope to soon become a subscriber ...

Derrick from Philly

Not only is it well written, well directed, well photographed and well acted; it's hotter than any gay porn(especially that thug foolishness). The men are beautiful ('course when you go to their MYSPACE entries, they're all straight. I aint complainin'....yes, I am).

Ryan, you didn't have to go there. We're all about diversity...well, I am...except them damn thugs. A friend gave me a DVD to watch called, "Hoodies, Boots & whatever." Lord, lord, lord. To each his/her/its own.

But I guess many of y'all like that thug stuff. Some may say, "But Derrick, didn't you deal with trade in your youth." Honey, my trade were gentlemen...for a half 'n hour.


Very happy to here this. I think this series is just great. I subscribed to Here! while DL Chronicles was airing but the rest of the programming was just bad. I tried watching one show, Dante's Cove, but I had just eaten lunch which almost came up. I decided not to do that again.

As far as the hue of the actors is concerned, I think in a lot of cases they went with the most qualified actors that they could get for a bag full of nickels. A lot of actors don't want to do stories with sgl themes. So all you fine dark chocolate brothers who can act and don't mind kissing another fine brother in front of a film crew, please send in your head shots to those extremely talented brothers. (DJIMON ARE YOU READING THIS?!!) I love all the hues that those of us of African descent come in.


here in my last post should have been "hear".... my bad


Ryan, yes, it does seem like the directors lean toward the light skin boyz. But in all fairness,m they have shown all types of black men.

But they seem to favor the biracial, Bennetton mix. Yes we can! lol


I am really glad that there will be a second season but of course it would be better if we ALL can watch the series and not have to order from cable. I personally enjoyed the series which was shorter than anticipated because I think there were supposed to be 10 episodes versus the 4 we were shown. Now let's not take anything away from Noah's Arc because it was stellar in its own way. I can connect with both as well as the Closet. Smoochies!

malik m.l. williams

glad to see this too. like everyone else, i was excited to see how well written and acted the show was. i don't get here! so i'll just have to wait for the season 2 dvd like i did for season 1. and the season 3 dvd of dante's cove. with jensen atwood. i mean, damn.

Derrick from Philly

Hey, Cedric:

Thank you for defending "Noah's Arc" We agree: two different genres of film/TV making, but both well done. As for "The Closet"? Oh, Darlin', we part company now. I can't pretend...although, I did enjoy the nudity. Any well built black man is a pleasure to see when he's naked...any race period. Even a naked skinny one like Barack. And I'm goin' on and on and on...sorry.

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