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30 April 2008


malik m.l. williams

i'm glad to see the dems aren't waiting for their own primary to be decided. still, how many people vote based on political realities vs. voting on their hopes/fears. even some people who know they are not better off will never vote for a black man. others will never vote for a woman.

i wonder how many people will vote for mccain just because they'll "feel better" knowing white male is in charge...

Rod Mc

DEAN: AC was not paid to provide the voice over. The file footage was taken from the Republican Presidential Debate at the Reagan Library that was broadcast on CNN. (You can see the 707 in the background.) As a news anchor, he is certainly prohibited from making endorsements or commercials, but, it's quite common for political parties and campaigns to use news footage in attacks ads.

BTW, I used to work with Coop at ABC News, that was before he went to "The Mole."

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