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24 April 2008


Mel Smith

The idiot should know it's not cool to make music about hating a group of people. Hey, I'm cool: I hate Jamaican people. I hate Jewish and Native American folks too. Damn the gays. My God says it's cool to hate on those gays, BECAUSE, those gays are not straight like me, and they are a bunch of punks. Now, give me my concert money! Ha, ha, ha! Now, don't I look like a real idiot? And I really think nobody is going to protest against me? I think I have a right to get f@cking paid for expressing my freedom of speech to hate a group of people in 2008? If that's the case, I hope that stupid fool don't have one cent left in his bank account. How would he feel if I said I dislike Jamaicans just because they have a different ethnicity than I do? Yeah, it's freedom of speech. But truthfully, I would be a real f@cking idiot and he would not like that sh!t at all. Now, what if I was looking to have a concert screaming disrespectful comments about people like him?


Good!! Now if we could do the same about that idiot Busta over here in North America!!!

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