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08 April 2008


Papi Chulo

Congrats to Marcus ... He's such a great guy ...

I got the chance to interview him last month on my website ...


He really is taking the industry by storm ...

~Papi Chulo~

Derrick from Philly

Patrick gets more and more beautiful...seems to be growing as an actor too. His courage deserves success. Although, I do wish some of these gorgeous actors who are brave enough to play "gay" could actually be gay! (woooo....where that rant come from? Frustration, honey)

Then again, y'all young guys trying to build a career in Hollywood--do what you got to do. Yes, don't risk your careers to make a political/social statement.


Derrick, nobody who is famous, successful, or beautiful is gay.

The only people in the whole world who are gay are us.

malik m.l. williams

I've seen this commercial for a while now. (Or at least i used to when i had DirecTV and LOGO.) The thing i love most about it (and Orbitz, in general) is they use almost the exact same script for the gay versions as they do for the straight versions of their commercials. There's no "sanitizing" the relationships.

Kudos to Marcus Patrick for being such an open-minded, spiritually focused brotha. Kudos to Orbitz for realizing everybody travels (and gays have more money).

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