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17 April 2008



I think we all know that the republicans will use this and anything else, real or immaginary to attack Obama. That's not why people are upset about the debate. There's a big difference between the Republicans spinning and distorting things and journalists doing it. Journalists should shine a light on politicians who do this, and steer the conversation back to the issues. If a journalist wants to form in the question by stating it "how would you answer a Republican attack on this issue", that's okay.

The only reason the debate took the turn that it did is because ABC made their entertainment president the news president. And he just cares about ratings, not real journalism. This can be seen in the way that ABC has no problem in reporting internet rumors as if they were facts.


Sure, the GOP will try to use it, just as Democrats will use the McBush refrain and his age to tar and feather McCain. However, that is no excuse to capitulate to their demands to make it the centerpiece of the campaign. ABC News' debate was one of the most disgraceful episodes in modern U.S. Journalism history. Shame on you ABC.


I am glad ABC threw everything at Obama. He can't win the presidency if he does not come up with cogent response to the Rev. Wright and "cling to" comments. I thought he looked bad last night. Obama's handlers need to work on making him more comfortable and confident with his responses. Being short and dismissive won't work.

Jim Pickett

I loved how, at a campaign event after that debacle, he brushed the dirt off his shoulders - in reference to ALL THIS BULLSHIT.

It was perfect and funny and appropriately dismissive - Hillary, go to your room! You are dismissed.

The guy speaks truth and he's an elitist? We all really CARE about lapel pins? Have we not beaten the Wright thing over and over? Have any of YOU chosen to look into the work of Rev Wright and the wonderful church where Obama is a member???

Most of America actually cares about issues and not "clinging" comments. Issues like war, economy, education and healthcare.

How does an obsession with "bitter" comments and lapel pins take us forward?

I believe many, many, many Americans can see through all of this and will vote for the best candidate - Bbarack Obama.

Andy Niable

Correct, they will.

The GOP has nothing to run ON, as their legacy is incompetence and economic ruin, so it will be a shitstorm of negative attacks. And the smell will reek in the nostrils of the electorate. A little negative campaigning goes far, but an entire campaign will turn off and backfire.

And each time the Democratic nominee will point this out each time, and offer answers and solutions, and the electorate will respond, being given something to vote for instead of against.


Despite her campaign's relentless attacks on Barack Obama's qualifications and electability, Hillary Clinton has lost a lot of ground with Democratic voters nationwide going into Tuesday's critical primary in Pennsylvania, a new NEWSWEEK poll shows.


I don't put too much stock into polls, they say what the pollsters want them to say. But I think it is telling that Obama has picked up over eighty superdelegates since Febuary, while Hillary has only picked up five. The people who know both candidats very well, and who are leading the party, obviously think Obama is either the better candidate or the one who's most likely to be elected.

Rod Mc

"Jamal", that comment was off-topic, but the link was edited into your post. Thanks for providing the link, that makes better discussion.


Of course the Republicans and McCain will run on "Bitter" and "Rev Wright" until the convention or November. This is gold for Republicans. And at the debates, the Obamessiah did such an INSPIRING job in the debates of pushing back against the right wing smear machine!

This really is amusing. Rod, MyDD and Taylor Marsh called the "elite" meme weeks ago and said it would permanently "define" Obama. Judging by the frantic meltdown on the internets, most "progressives" probably never watch FOX or read the Wall Street Journal to see what Republicans are thinking.


ATL Kid, are you a progressive?



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