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04 April 2008




Let's call it a politically correct photo op and leave it at that.

Franklyn Smyth

Luther makes a very good point. McCain is damned if he does, and, damned if he doesn't. McCain makes an appearance and states his case, he deserves some credit.

If you watch the video you can see some heads nodding. McCain is trying to shake things up a little. I'm not going to vote for him, but, he is trying to engage discussion.

Also, that first MLK Day vote was 25 years ago, geez, there are more reasons to vote against McCain than that one vote. He later convinced Reagan to support the holiday.


how nice of him to acknowledge his stupid vote


Richard S.

McCain also should apologize for snubbing the Republican debate moderated by Tavis Smiley.

Obviously, as Rod McCullom points out, this is a political calculation by McCain to appeal to moderate white voters who do not want to be associated with Republicans when they're perceived as racist. McCain knows he will not win the black vote.

Ever since the Republican Party in the South was reborn by hostility to the civil rights legislation of the 1960's, the national party has increasingly depended on Southern votes while insisting to Northern moderates that it is still the party of Lincoln.

One of the sharpest examples of how Republicans have successfully balanced those two interests occurred in 1980, when Ronald Reagan opened his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, and set off an outcry when he used the code words ''states' rights'' to appeal to whites.

To repair the damage, Reagan traveled to Detroit in October and sought to reassure suburban whites that he was no racist, by obtaining the endorsement of two black civil rights leaders, the Rev. Ralph David Abernathy and the Rev. Hosea Williams. That was not to seek black votes, but as his pollster, Richard Wirthlin, said after the election, to soothe whites who generally support Republican policies but do not think of themselves as supporting racism.

Those balancing efforts usually work. But occasionally they blow up in the party's face, as with the fiasco of Trent Lott praising Strom Thurmond a few years ago.

And the political reality, Wirthlin said, is that ''Republicans cannot afford to alienate the South, but to alienate the suburbs on a racist charge would even be more damaging.''

Memphis King



Personally, it's moves like this that make me respect McCain. It's a smart move: if he's able to woo some black voters at this event (and presumably at future rallies/events) along with getting Latino votes due to his support of comprehensive immigration reform (he's backpedaled some, but hasn't promised NOT to back it as Prez), he might get a fair amount of votes from these groups along with moderate Dems who flake off and vote Republican. In these past two nearly-50/50 elections, every bit counts, and I'm sure he's well aware of that.

Rod Mc

"Memphis King"/"Stanford"/"Laker Girl"/"Tracey Edmonds"/Etc..: You are banned from the site. You post under multiple names, constantly try to fact check the blog, and, engage in silly, personal attacks.

Andrew C

Who are these trolls? Any person can watch the video and make their own judgment, that's why it was linked.

Obama Mama

Richard, no offense but, umm, Ronald Reagan was not alive in October. Perhaps you meant someone else?

Obama Mama

Tony, you are absolutely right. McCain at least is trying to engage and repair the damage of the Bush years. That doesn't mean he has my vote, lol, but he comes across as principled. The GOP needs this man, he definitely will get some votes.

Oh, and I love it, "silly, personal attacks" and "fact check the blog." Memphis, darling, there are three links plus video. We can read and make up our own minds. Rod is not endorsing McCain and has talked about this man's record for years. There are plenty of reasons "not" to vote for him, besides his "first" vote on the MLK holiday 25 years ago.



Fair Player


Rod McCullom

"Memphis King"/"Fair Player"/"Laker Girl"/Etc: Now you are posting under yet another screen name and referring to yourself in the third person. With these multiple personalities, you cannot possibly fancy yourself as a fact checker. Your comments are deleted and IP addresses banned. All of them.

Richard S.

Obama Mama misunderstood what I wrote, or perhaps I need to spell it out. Reagan opened his general election campaign in Mississippi on LABOR DAY 1980. Then he traveled to Detroit in OCTOBER 1980 to repair the damage.

Obama Mama

Richard, you are absolutely right. Reagan opened his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi. That was despicable.

Never mind! :0

Mike Grover

Wow. These weekend comments have become kinda crazy it seems. Now we have our own "Sybil" trying to check facts. Okay ...

Back on topic. "Tony" makes some good points. The Republicans have a long way to go to demonstrate they are concerned about blacks. They made a very concerted push for Hispanics under George W. Bush, until the backlash against immigration.

McCain is trying to demonstrate that he wants to be inclusive. He has to, because the Democrats will nominate a black man (or a wo man) as their next standard bearer.

Will it work? Eh, maybe not, but every vote counts. Well, actually, every vote doesn't count, as the Bush campaign demonstrated in 2000 and 2004 and the Obama campaign has argued throughout their campaign ...

Grant and Go

It took a lot of courage for McCain to make this journey. Sue, he was booed and hissed, but, at least he showed up. I think our community spends too much time obsessing over what someone didn't do or doesn't do, and, when hey do it, it's never enough. Republicans have a long way to go on race relations and this was a much-needed first step.

Jordan H

Love your reply Bernie!

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