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30 April 2008


Derrick from Philly

See. I'm not always happy being black. It aint easy.

This (misogynistic slur)woman could have ruined those two boys' relationships with their families, their church, their classmates, the whole damn city of Memphis. You don't out gay children! Especially ones way down South!

There are those of us that identity as gay (or sissy) at an early age--I did. But other gay/sgl boys don't come out (or fully realize what their orientation is) until they're much older --some don't ever come out...DON'T OUT THEM!


>> keyboard no longer wants to be a gentleman

Best. Line. Evah!

Derrick and Luther, this is indeed a horrible story. It's not easy to grow up black or gay but its hella hard growing up blackl and gay. It was tough being "out" in high school and I cannot imagine what would have happened if my principal "outed" me to my family.


Yes, this is beyond words! I really feel for those two boys.


This is insanity. I'm hoping the principal soon isn't one.


This is insanity. I'm hoping the principal soon isn't one.


You know, it's sad to read some of the comments posted at the news website about this story...


They wouldn't let him go to New Orleans to help rebuild that city because they were afraid he might engage in "innapropriate" behavior? Yeah right because those straight kids can really control their hormones!

Corey @ I'll Keep You Posted

This story is so disheartening! WHAT can be DONE (or SAID) to let that self-righteous hypocrite know that HER conduct is inappropriate. And unacceptable. Is calling the school enough. Sometimes, I want to do more than just hurt for the mistreatment of our kids.

West Side Poz

Thanks for pointing that out, DLUV. This young man was donating his time and labor to help rebuild Katrina-ravaged New Orleans. The gaybaiting principal could care less.


Wow, that's unbelievable. She should be fired for doing crap like that.


You hit the nail on it Dluv. These people care more about being holier than thou than actually helping others.

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