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10 April 2008


Andy Niable

Good post, Rod. As someone who leans (at nearly 45-degrees) for Obama, I've appreciated your reasoned criticism of him, as well as your efforts to give Obama credit when he earns it. Hopefully this will help calm any so-called "Obamatons" who might be unconvinced of your journalistically-trained ability to step back and analyze and present information about all the candidates.

Regardless of who is our man or woman in this race, we all need to be on our toes and aware of all sides. Thanks again for the fine coverage. Hope to see you in Denver. :)


This a is a grest interview. I'm also an Obama fan but would like to see him interact more with the LGBt press and LGBT groups. Oh well, I'm sure tehre will be more of that in months to come.

A. Ronald

Andy, you bring up some good points, and I've read your comments before. I'm a Hillary fan--like Obama and Hillary, just like her more--and actually find Rod's coverage very fair on both candidates. He obviously likes Hillary more, which is his right, but doesn't "attack" Obama. He will criticize Obama, which is fair, but that seems to bother people because very few bloggers in the black blogs or liberal blogs every criticize Obama. If anything, he seems to be more irritated by "Obamabots" and "Obamatons" who go beserk whenever anyone suggests Obama is not the Messiah.

Moving along. This was a good interview. I like the fact that Obama mentions LGBT issues to mainstream audiences. And I like his answers on DADT and DOMA, they are very thoughtful.

Oh, and feel free to edit or delete if off-topic! TIA!

Oliver W

>>> If anything, he seems to be more irritated by "Obamabots" and "Obamatons" who go beserk whenever anyone suggests Obama is not the Messiah.

You mean HE is NOT?


Homo N Harlem

The Advocate interview was decent. Not much new ground was covered. Obama makes an interesting point about "identity politics." No offense, but much of his success was built upon identity politics. It seems odd to forsake it now.

Greg G

I'm not really sure why Obama refused the interviews at all those gay newspapers. It's not like he has anything to hide. He is very good on the issues.

Morris Goode

I thought the interview was excellent! It reinforced the reasons why I support his candidacy: his big tent philosophy of bringing different people together and his pragmatism in knowing compromises will be needed in getting these disparate groups to work together so that the country can move forward.

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