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14 April 2008


Former Reader

After this posting and your previous one, I have to remove this blog from my bookmarks, as this is nothing but disingenuous propoganda. You insinuate that Obama is not being a true democrat without recognizing that the point he made about bitterness has been a DEMOCRATIC talking point for at least 15 years... Remember Howard Dean talking about God, Guns and Gays? Remember Bill Clinton talking about poor whites? It is empirically proven trend that poor white folks often vote against their own self-interests because they are distracted by social issues such as guns, gays and religion.

To use this episode to paint Obama as unelected dissolves the smoke-screen this site has operated under for months. Now the propaganda is clear: Vote Hillary (even though she's said versions of the EXACT SAME DEMOCRATIC TALKING POINT).

Also, it's odd of you to say that Dems who don't vote for Obama are tired of being called racists ...you say it as if Obama has played that card, when YOU yourself have made a major issue out of anyone who notes that Obama plays basketball, or any other reference that Rod 2.0 believes it "code" for saying Obama is black.,

Will- Former Reader #2

I expect this from Republican blogs. We should be trying to focus on getting a Democrat in the White House.

Read this from someone who attended the meeting.


Rod Mc

Will, I'm sorry you feel that way. I think there are strengths to both the Obama and Clinton campaigns, but, I'm not going to fall into the predictable pattern of praising all things Obama and demonizing all things Clinton.

As far as charges of Obama being elitist and out of touch, if you are a regular reader, you certainly realize that I've been saying for months, as late as last week, that the media and Republicans were trying to push this meme. What else can I say now? What would you suggest?


Rod it is unfortunate that some people do not want to see the truth, numbers don't lie. I can't help but wonder who the Obama supporters will blame when push comes to shove? I have a feeling Bill and Hillary will take most of the blame even though Obama himself said this comment and went to Rev. Wright's church for 2 decades.


The question is not whether Obama's "bitter" comments are "true" or not. The question is whether the Republican attack machine can effectively use his comments to cast him as being "out of touch" with small town working class WHITE America. He cannot win the general election if the Republicans successfully portray him as "looking down" on this key demographic.

Former Readers # 1 & 2: even if you think that what Obama said was absolutely correct, did it show good political judgment for him to say this in a public forum?


Duwayne and ELG are absolutely right. Obama's gaffe pattern fits perfectly into the Republican attack mode, which is why Clinton and many longtime Democrats know it is a gift to Rove and McCain. A Harvard Democrat lecturing small town values to his billionaire friends. If you don't see the implications, you must have slept under a rock in the 1988, 2000 and 2004 elections.

Former Reader 1 and 2, I'm sure you are the same person anyway, sorry to see you "go." Some of us would rather read a writer who says the truth than what many people want to hear.

Derrick from Philly

Well, then, Democrats are going to have to find a way to make an intellectual, highly educated "elite" Democrat connect with the yahoos out there in America. I'm not sure these "atleast I aint a nigger" white Democrats were ever going to vote for Obama anyway. The idea was that there are millions of Independents and first-time voters who Barack can bring to his candidacy. I'm not sure Kerry and Gore won those Reagan Democrats in Pennsylvania(they may be needed for Ohio, which is slightly different than PA. The educated surbanites of Philadelphia go for Democrats now).

If the Obama and Clinton Campaigns thought they could bring these racist, sexist "Archie Bunker" type Democrats back to the party, they're drinking the KoolAid too. These so-called Democrats are still Reagan Democrats, they can't be trusted by Hillary either. They went out with Henry Jackson, Richard Daley & George Wallace..."F" them.

The Iraq War will still be bad news in October 2008. If America goes with McCain, then America deserves misery, and the pitiful end of its empire.

Lord, I done got all emotional.

Rod Mc

Derrick, you are absolutely right. Kerry and Gore did not capture the same white ethnic votersd who left the Democratic Party in the 80s and returned under Clinton.

As you said, if Obama is going to be the nominee (very likley), the key is find and help him connect with white ethnic voters in those key states. And yes, you're right, Obama does relatively well with suburban whites.

Also let mer take a minute and apologize to you for snapping a week ago in comments. I understand many people online have strong feelings about this election--I certainly have which is why I've been covering for so long--and should not have taken you to task for some comemnts you made on Hillary. Please accept my apologies. Feel free to say whatever you want, as often as you want!


Derrick from Philly


There's no need for you to apologize. You "read" us Rod 2.0 commentators about the nastiness of some of our comments, name-calling, foul language, etc. You should have. I like the civil atomosphere on this blog. If we want to cuss each other and call each other "morons" we can do that on some other blog. Here we should try to stay on the subject matter, not our opinions of each other.

Personally, I've never gotten to rough on Miss Hillary because I always thought there was a chance I'd have to vote for her in November. But not now. For that reason, I'm in sort of in a "rally 'round Barack" frame of mind. (I think Pelosi, Reid & Dean may share my feeling.) I consider incidents like Barack's foolish (but accurate) comments in San Francisco to be mere distractions. As has already been said, they were the comments of a university professor, not a candidate for the presidency.

Even though it's only April, I feel that Hillary Clinton's campaign for the nomination of our party has been rejected. There is no real ideological differences between the two, so how can I really trash her while praising Barack.

Some say that her campaign was badly mis-managed. Yes, but Democrats who actually participate in the primaries and caucuses have made their choice.

The people who Barack Obama may have insulted in San Francisco would only vote Democratic out of fear anyway (Iraq & economic recession), so frightened that they can't cling to their guns and religion a(and McCain) for relief.

Former Reader


Timothy Kincaid

Ahh, so the former reader is still here? LOL

Obama made the comments on APRIL 6. They were discussed over cable news and across the internet all WEEKEND and Rod only made his post MONDAY afternoon. The damage was already done.

This was Obama's fault, not Rod's and certainly not Clinton's or the media's. Why does every time Obama make a mistake, his fanatics attempt to rush him into his ivory tower and declare any criticism hurts his chances in November? Oh, and don't pull the race card, because you're only proving Rod's point. Every time someone criticizes Obama, black or white, his supporters cry race.

Rod Mc

"Former Readers 1" and "2" and anyone else wishing to "leave": Go. Ahead.

You're more than welcome to continue to check in and/or engage in comments. You're also free to agree or disagree with me or others. But once you leave a comment promising to leave, your IP address will be banned. Cyber thugs are not welcome here.

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