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28 April 2008


Corey @ I'll Keep You Posted

Jeremiah Wright continues to dig a hole just big enough for both he (and Obama to fall into). And he appears to be loving every minute of it. One of those things that make you go hmmm.......

Derrick from PHilly

I understand what you're saying, Rod. The Obama Campaign should have known this was coming way back BEFORE he decided to run. Reverend Wright is not going to kiss ass--even for Barack's presidential hopes. Reverend Wright is not going to take orders, advice or pleas from the Obama Campaign. They'd better figure out some other strategy to deal with the Wright Affair.

Humph, it may be the issue the Hillary folks needed to start a movement among superdelegates to her side, "Wright will make Barack unelectable." Maybe. It hasn't been proven yet. Hillary Clinton has got to be careful with this. I don't know if she can win with a 40% black turn out in November. She needs to be careful discussing the Wright Affair.

A. Ronald

This is ridiculous. Wright has been in the news nonstop for days and is still in the news now. "The Situation Room" is opening with his speech.

Great idea to deliover a speech blasting the news media to the Washington press corps.

greg g

Umm, Hillary Clinton doesn't need to mention Rev. Wright. He'[s doing quite well making a name for himself and all other Democrats!

Derrick from Philly

You're right, greg g, I shouldn't even have brought up Senator Clinton for this thread. My point is that the Democrats are going to have to find a way to argue that Reverend Wright's feelings are his own--that the Democratic Party is diverse. Black Americans simply come to the table with a very different view of American history. Like Jeremiah Wright, most of us just aint gonna' lie about it.

Damn, maybe Barack should've converted to the Church of frickin' England.

It's funny, how many of us say we want a president who's honest & trust worthy. What we really want is a liar who can say the things needed to get elected.

But if the American people are stupid enough to elect Senator "One Hundred Years In Iraq", then, yes, God damn America.

Rod Mc

Derrick: No need to apologize because you make a several very good points. We know see that Jeremiah Wright will obviously do what we wants to do, and, apparently will not listen to the Obama campaign. Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign has to navigate a minefield and cannot be seen as milking the Wright controversy or disrespecting the black church. She came out today and told McCain to pressure Republicans to stop running the Rev. Wright attack ads.

Last March or April, I wondered why didn't Obama introduce Rev. Wright when FOX News because airing these video snippets. He might not have won Iowa, but, he still would be in the race, minus last minute carry-on baggage...

If Obama would stick to policy, specifics, and core Democratic positions, he will probably do much better with seniors and white voters.


>>>But if the American people are stupid enough to elect Senator "One Hundred Years In Iraq", then, yes, God damn America.

Derrick, you are a riot!
But i agree with you. I am a Hillary supporter but do not want her or the campaign to capitalize on Wright or try to use him to derail Obama's chances. Let it play out.

Speaking of that, thanks for the video clips Rod and the perspective. Derrick is right, this is Rev. Wright's moment and he wants to be in the spotlight.


If I can answer that questiopn, yes, it does seem like he wants to derail Obama's campaign. Rev. Wright is for Rev. Wright.


Rev. Wright is not for Rev. Wright he is for God. I have much more respect for Rev. Wright because what he is doing this BECAUSE he needs to make sure people know the truth about Trinity UCC. Obama rejected him and threw him under the bus despite 20 yrs of friendship. Why should Rev. Wright listen to the Obama camp or Obama for that matter? He has a mind of his own...


Rev. Wright made a point to mention the mistreatment of gay people in his speech to the NAACP. He gets major points in my book although I've supported him from day one.

"...many of us are committed to changing the way we treat each other. The way Christians treat you. The way straights treat gays. We are committed to changing the way we treat each other. And we are committing number four to changing the way we mistreat each other. We can do better, you all. There is a higher standard, you all. We know that and we are stretching to reach that standard. I believe a change is going to come because many of us are committed to changing how we see others who are different."


Just as an aside, here is a question for Derrick: Do you think Rev. Wright is purposefully trying to derail Sen. Obama's chances at getting the nomination?

There has been some talk on other blogs and talk radio ...

Rod Mc

OTIS: You are absolutely right and I totally missed that. I will update, thanks!


Obama did not throw Rev. Jeremiah Wright under the bus. Obama made a point to repudiate some of Rev. Wright's more incendiary statements but was careful not to reject the good Reverend.

Obama said, in his famous race speech, that he could no more disown Rev. Wright then he could disown the black community (or words to that effect).

Rev. Wright, however, seems to THINK that Obama threw him under the bus and so here we are. Wright also appears to think that his "reputation" is more important than Obama's campaign for president.


ELG: Rev. Wright is right, the reputation of his church and the good works it does IS very important and is in a whole different category because it has to do with faith in God and the good works done in Jesus name. It is clear to me he is not concerned about whether Obama wins or not, why should he be? He is a man of God not a politician.

tyler grey

Duwayne, you make a solid point. True, true. This is about Rev. Wright and his church. Obama's candidacy is not his primary concern and to be honest, it should not. Wright is a pastor, Obama is a politician.

tyler grey

ELG, I like your point about "Wright idea but the Wrong time." Also, it does not help Hillary Clinton for this to blow up. The ongoing problems with Rev. Wright are starting to affect Democrats in other states and the entire party will be branded as the latte sipping, hate America crowd. And we would still lose.

This doesn't really help anyone and the more he preens before the camera, and, the more the media gives him airtime, it's worse for the entire black community.

I love you Rev. Wright, but please, take a little vacay, m'kay?


Tyler: I disagree, it is NOT bad for the black community for Rev. Wright to be speaking about this. More and more black churches (and progressive churches in general) are having an open discussion and I think this is healthy for all parties involved. As a person who is from a Methodist tradition and currently goes to a diverse Methodist church, I am glad the dialog is continuing. At a meeting last week, we brought up Rev. Wright and had a very spirited, yet respectful discussion. The overwhelming majority (including the Pastor) felt that what Rev. Wright was saying needed to be heard by a larger Christian audience.


I am hoping that with all this media exposure, Rev. Wright will garner the support of enough of the super-delegates to win the nomination.

Gee. I could end up voting “D” this November after all...


America can either continue to be fooled by the politics of distraction or take a big girl pill and grow the hell up. That same politics of distraction gave us 8yrs of Bush, 3.50+ gas and a recession. When these same idiotic people cant afford gas or food and are living on the streets while the government continues to dump money in Iraq. They can continue to debate how devisive and unpatriotic Rev Wrights comments are. They can continue to talk about flag pens and other nonsense while the republicans continue to make policy for the rich.


As much as I enjoy the dialog and fully respect Rev Wright, I really just want him to STFU until after Election Day. I want a Democrat to win the election. I'd rather it be Obama than Hillary. The damage that Wright is creating is not only going to affect Obama but any black that tries to run for president again. Hell, it's going to affect any politician, regardless of race, who is associated with Wright. He's positioning himself next to Farrakhan faster than he realizes. I'm sure Pastor Manning from Harlem's jealous that Wright's getting more press coverage ruining Obama's campaign than he wants to have.

This is yet another example of how religion and politics should never ever mix and the importance of separation between church and state.

malik m.l. williams

I find it interesting, and a bit sad, that we are so eager to see "the first black man with a real shot at the presidency" get in office, that we're willing to bend the rules a bit to make sure it happens. (And, yes, i am including myself in that "we.") In spite of how much i LOVE me some Jeremiah Wright and have for more than 20 years, i wanted this whole thing to just go away. But that's not how Presidential Politics works. Barack Obama has to deal with his history just like everybody else. The difference, of course, is the space the environment affords these candidates based on wealth, race, gender, etc.

This is where we get to see what Barack Obama and the rest of this country are made of. If Obama's campaign tanks because of this, i certainly will know what i need to know about just how "black" one can be in this country. Like, "It's okay to talk about race, but couldn't you be nice to white people while you're doing it?" Or "We've moved past all that racially divisive stuff; why do you have to keep bringing it up?"

The truth is, if the people of this country will not elect Barack Obama because his pastor told them things about themselves they didn't want to hear, then they were looking for reasons not to elect Obama anyway. We are – all of us – uncomfortable when confronted with things that challenge our world views. Some of us are able to step back, put things in perspective and move on. Others go to extremes to warp the evidence of their own eyes and ears to confirm what they already believe and make themselves "right" no matter what.

I'm curious to see which kind of people there are more of in this country.

timothy r

This is simpl;y a trainwreck. When the Rev. Wright story first broke, I was convinced Obama could weather this and it would be an issue. I still hope thart he can, but it's very obvious the train has left the station and the Republicans and media will ride it as long as they can.

Also, I'd like to give an apology to Rod, "CA" and "Ryan." I argued very heated with Rod and seevral commenters in two separate threads, because I was convinced this was a minor issue and Obama's speech put this matter to rest. Obviously, I was wrong and am apologizing for the tone that was used.

Rod Mc

Malik: Perhaps that sentence came out wrong. Most regular readers knows that I've criticized many black politicians, bloggers, the media, etc for bending rules and using a double standard for Obama. Many people reading this blog, and fellow black bloggers and writers, have criticized me for that honesty. But this is entirely Obama's fault.

Just as an fyi, on Friday, I specifically argued (again) that Wright's media tour would be a bad idea and would become a complete distraction to Obama's campaign. There were dozens of comments and many disagreed, suggesting Wright should speak out as much as he wanted. Okay ...


ATL Kid posed a valid question and I think the answer is yes, he is trying to derail his campaign. All of this is reprisal for Obama backing away from him and nobody can tell me anything different. Wright is a seasoned public figure and said himself we live in a soundbite culture - in which case, he went into this whole blitz knowing damn well he was gonna be labeled an unapologetic zealot, and that's precisely what has happened. I totally think this is being done on purpose. And while I am not an Obama supporter, I think it's wrong.

Samuel I

Rod, let me cosign what Timothy said earlier. Although you have defended Rev. Wright, I was one of the ones who came down on you in several other posts when you criticized Obama's convoluted handliong of this matter.

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