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24 April 2008



wow this man is just flat-out gorgeous (thanks for the afternoon lift, Rod)... but what's even more attractive is his brain. Let's hope he spreads the love around.

Mel Smith

Walt, I agree.


I just don’t know what all those football people could have been talking about. He’s not too pretty for me.

If this is what happens when black meets Korean, for the sake of the world, we need more cultural exchange.

Derrick from Philly

I don't like crying on a Friday morning. Thanks a lot, Rod. Lord, he's more beautiful than all the others (Marcus Patrick, Omarion, Darryl Stephens, Taye & Tyson, etc.). More beautiful than Reggie Bush? Well, well...I refuse to answer that.

But he is a New York Giant (gag & spit!) My Eagles will have to whup his pretty ass next year, but they'll leave his beautiful face alone. My Eagles are gentlemen.

Rod Mc

That's what I'm talking about, Jim.


I love me some Will... lol

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