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09 May 2008


Derrick from Philly

Why is it that some of us can believe in God, but not be crazy-ass motha'......? And they seem so calm and poised when they speak about the Lord and salvation. But when they are really challenged, they become like Regan in "The Exorcist": violent, demonic lunatics.


It's a shame that a university administrator will use her platform to espouse ridiculous anti-gay views. Universities should be an open forum and free discussion of ideas.


Fire her @ss, NOW!

[EDITED: Please no profanity.]

Goober Peas

I have it on authority that many, many thousands more people have renounced their kooky Christianist lifestyle choices and seen the light of reason.


well she is obviously an @ss. However, she should be entitled to free speech rights and have a right to her opinion


Rod Mc

GBM: There is a no profanity rule here, surely you can use another word or make your comments with an exclamation or asterisk? Those words encourage workplace filters to block the website.

KB: I'll look up that book, thanks.

Mel Smith

She might have some inner issues

Taylor Siluwe

Paid leave is not good enough. Someone in her position should know better.

I get so tired of religious nuts proving their ignorance in this way. If I hear the 'I can't stop being black' argument one more time I'm gonna scream. And she actually brought up Cothran too.

!!!!!!!! I couldn't be more pissed if she'd thrown McClurkin out there too as an example of someone who's "changed".

Please, someone get proof that Charlene Cothran is still munching some woman's panty hamster so we can put her fine example to rest for good.

!!! This post just rose my blood pressure.

Mel Smith

Taylor, my blood pressure also increased! As a sister, why was Dixon arguing that we should not have any civil rights? She's a sister arguing that a group should not have any civil rights? And as a BLACK WOMAN, she's quoting the Bible to justify us not having any rights?


I love people talking about the "homosexual lifestyle". You know what my lifestyle is? I'm sitting here typeing this in some flannel PJ's and a T-shirt that has holes and has stains from last nights dinner. I'll go to work this afternoon but will come straight home because I'm broke and have to save my gas this week cause I don't get paid till friday in which I'll use most of my paycheck to pay bills. I'm off tommorow, if I'm lucky, I'll wash all my dirty clothes. All of the preceding had nothing to do with sleeping with men. Honey, that's MY lifestyle!

Mel Smith

Exactly Dluv.


The book Biological Exuberance only proves that homosexual conduct is *natural*. It does not prove that homosexual behavior in humans is *necessary*. In order to prove the necessity of homosexual behavior in rational beings, we have to prove (a) that a real expression of sexuality is necessary for many if not most adults and (b) that homosexuality is the only way for some people to experience sexuality in a real way. I think there is broad consensus on point (a), but widespread disagreement with point (b). Because most people subjectively experience their abstention from homosexual conduct as a decision they have made and continue to make out of fear or shame or moral principle or religion or on whatever grounds (even though from a physiological standpoint, they could do it and enjoy it), for that reason they do not understand that for some of us, homosexuality is not optional, but is rather the only way that we can enjoy sex. To put it another way, what makes homosexuality *necessary* for us is the fact that heterosexuality is not an option for us. In short, it is not the presence of homosexual desire that sets us apart from the mainstream. The mainstream also have homosexual desire but suppress it, and at least the homophobes among them wish we would do the same. What sets us apart is the absence of the heterosexual desire. If we had that heterosexual desire in addition to our homosexual desire, then that would make homosexuality merely natural for us, but not necessary.

I do not blame "straight" people for thinking homosexuality is a choice. That is how they experience their own innate, genetic sexual make-up. Those of us who do not have the option, must make it clear that our experience is different from theirs, not because we have natural homosexual desires, but because our sexual responsiveness only goes in one direction, toward one gender, not in two directions like theirs. Telling them homosexuality is *natural* is not news to them, but if we could convince them of the reasons why homosexual conduct is *necessary* for us, then I believe we might get somewhere.

Mel Smith

Thanks for the information Mark. I will purchase that book.


Hi Mel - You're welcome! But I don't get the credit for recommending the book. It was KB who recommended it (above). Most of the argument that I was presenting will be from my own book, if I ever manage to get it written. LOL

Biological Exuberance is a 700-page review of scientific studies describing same-sex behavior in the animal kingdom.

Mel Smith

Thanks to the both of you.


Well, look at it this way. She won't have anyone to do her hair OR to decorate her home in that state.

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