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01 May 2008


Derrick from Philly

The "girls" should have taken Renaldo's offer and then, shut the hell up.

I have trouble believing that Renaldo did not know the "girls" weren't girls. I've been told that in most cities female prostitutes and transgendered prostitutes don't usually hustle in the same locations--that there are areas which are specifically known for trans prostitutes (ask Eddie Murphy, he can tell you). So, I find Renaldo's claim that he didn't know...well....but maybe Rio is different.

It's funny, when you receive porn brochures (for mail order), there are no pages devoted to transgendered porn in gay brochures. There are always several pages of trans porn in brochures for straight guys.

It aint easy out here for a bisexual soccer star...it just aint easy.


All I have to say is one thing, Ronaldo:


how could he NOT have known? I mean really....really?

the real scenario: he hooked up with ALL of them, one opened her mouth about it, word got around, and now he's busted.

then again, he's been one for the gay rumor mill...i guess the grist is out there in the truth.

Work Ronaldo! WERK! lol!


Ronaldo joins Eddie Murphy and Teddy Pendergrass and the many other "straight" men who "thought" they were picking up a woman.

West Side Poz

Another "straight" man who can't tell the difference between a woman and a man in a dress.

Derrick from Philly

Yeah, Luther,

but the Colored and the Ofay "girls" might make better "tops" because..... well, I dunno'. I aint no size queen--I swear I'm not! The point is the "girls" who are packin' (in whatever it is they tuck that thaing) are the ones who make the most money...from what I'm told. I have no first-hand knowledge of such.

toot toot hey, beep beep
toot toot hey, beep beep

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