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20 May 2008


Derrick from Philly

Do y'all think that crazy black people some how seem crazier than crazy white people. It's hard to say. I'm trying to conjure up images of Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and Joseph Mengele in my mind...you know, to compare them with this fool.

THe problem is that gay people in many African countries may be so vulnerable to the insanity of fools like this one.



Mel Smith

Usually poverty stricken look for a group of people to scrapegoat. Gays are an easy target to scrapegoat doing bad times in a nation. Pick on the weakest group in society; gays! As if there are really that many gays in that small nation. Now, that poor nation is making their social and economic situation a whole lot worse; kill people who are not heterosexual in nature, and do it in the name of God. How sick!!!

Mel Smith

Me, I would not call the people animals. I would like to know how did the situation get so bad in that nation, that they need to scapegoat gay people. That's what we should be asking ourselves. This is not new to history. People look to scapegoat a weak group in society.


Mel makes some good points. These are not "animals", this is the pronouncement of the Gambian president, who has been mentioned several times on this blog for his outlandish remarks.

Gays are often scapegoated, even more so by oppressive societies and people in economic distress. Let's all hope and pray that this latest remark was more dramatics than a taste of things to come.


Religion is playing a major role here too.

Sure gays are being scapegoated- but "no sinful and immoral act" is not something coming out of a secular tradition.






Mel Smith

Fiyah Man, you are so sick that you want to burn yourself! At least we got pride in who we are, unlike your demon posessed self. See, self hating coward queens like you make me sick. You try to make me look bad with your self hatin low class self!!!!

Anthony Michael

President plans to kill off every single homosexual

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh says he will “cut off the head” of any homosexual caught in his country.

Monday 19 May 2008

Power sometime makes some people drunk,.
Other time, the fear of loosing it can turn those holding in to brutal beast. Or how would anyone think of wiping out the entire homosexual community in his country? Is he out to scapegoat the gay community as a way of frightening his enemies?
The saddest thing for me here is that a good number of African leaders are like him, mad, crazy, and unreasonable when it comes to gay issue. Nigeria is yet to toss idea of imprisonment of homosexual caught in sex actions, even when it is simple gathering for mutual support. Yet, these leaders purportedly are in the group of the elites who were well educated and traveled extensively, before becoming leaders. The only difference I saw in Jammeh’s case is that he was trained a military and operated as a military before he became the president of his country. Military have one language, “force”.
The young man is ruling his country for the third time. He is a potential life president of the little poor Gambia. He is the custodian of the SACRED CONSTITUTION of Gambia. (God must have told him to wipe out the gay community.) “Jammeh is also the Secretary of State for Defence and holds responsibility over several Departments” says his official website. He definitely trusts no one like all dictators and mad presidents of the world. He is a friend of the Iranian life president. Show me your friends…. That announcement could just be a way of gaining attention or favor from his friend the Iranian President. The rest of the world needs to watch him closely as he unfolds some hidden agenda.
As an African gay man myself, I feel sorry for the homosexual community old or young caught in the malicious scheme of these leaders, either as head of state or religious leaders. There are lots of ignorant leaders in Africa and world wide when it comes to homosexuality. I wish the gay communities in Africa reach out more to each other in areas of activism.

Derrick from Philly

Thanks, Anthony.

When we discuss issues dealing with other parts of the world, it is always a priviledge to have brothers (and sisters) from those places to write in and give us an accurate view point--first hand knowledge of what's actually happening.


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