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29 May 2008


Mark Norris

Man, oh man. What a man, what a man! This is the type of person we need on our side. Someone who is not afraid to speak out against the mainstream. Who puts into action exactly what he believes. This is a bold move on his part and he is going to get some flak I am sure for it. I am feeling quite good right now. This is a good way to start my day.


I guess we cant live in fear, but I cant help but worried that this increases the chances that gay marriage returns as a wedge issue in this election. At the same time, it is the right thing to do.

Lady T

DFS, it may become an issue...actually, it's bound to become an issue in the elections. And if so, let it. I'm a supporter of equal rights and lo siento, pero how can we all say equal rights when denying on group of ppl this basic one? The candidates will, and I feel should, speak on that. I just hope that this time around (unlike the previous terms) they keep their own personal beliefs out and take into consideration the PEOPLE.

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