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05 May 2008



This layout is beautiful. Valentino is such an icon, he was THE designer back in the 60s and 70s.

And Ibrahim! Such a beautiful, clean cut young man. Love him, love him!

greg g

Ibrahim is gorgeous. I have been following him INTENTLY ever since you began featuring him. That boy is fabulous, I wish him all the luck.

Oh, and Flaunt is the HOTTEST magazine. They always feature the hottest black models.


love this, rod!

I was wondering when you'd post about Ibrahim...very flawless, no?

And, you have to give FLAUNT serious respect for consistently profiling male models of color every month...arguably, its the only fashion/editorial mag that does so...and is quite unabashed about it...

The closest you'd get to any other magazine doing this are the small scale fashion bibles in London, Paris, Germany, etc.

and yes, that editorial they did with January Jones (VERY underrated actress, imho) and the "twins" was fierce, no?

I need to start buying FLAUNT, cause that's where the real fashion and edge is these days...

Alan T

Thanks for the previews. Unmfortunately, I almost can never find Flaunrt, occasionally it is my local Borders. Guess that means it is subscription time.

These Flaunt Boys are wonderful. Their photographers are sharp, it's just gorgeous.

Alan T

Ryan, you read my mind. I have to get a subscription because Flaunt is very difficult to find, occasionally my local Borders has a few copies. Occassionally.

The models are FIERCE. It's amazing that every month they have outstanding black and Latino models. More so than Details, Nylon, etc. The fashion editorials are far more creative than OUT and very comparable to teh Euyropean fashion magazines. But the hottest thing about teh magzine is the interactive format, CDs, DVDs., posters, scratch offs ... its very fun.

Thanks for keeping us styling and informed!

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