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21 May 2008



this is just pandering at its worst

McCain is making superficial attempts at trying to "broaden" his political platform to seem more inclusive to ALL, when he and the GOP are closed to MOST...

Does he think black women, no, black people are going to flock to him in droves this November?



I think it's just insurance, Ryan. McCain knows the Republicans will launch their attack machine against Obama and he wants to say that he has nothing to do with it.


*Sits in the devil's advocate seat*

Obama, like Dean, relies upon a 50-state strategy. (Try to) leave no voting block behind. McCain's campaign is just a mirror reflection of Obama's. They both have huge gaps in support and so they have to "pander" to certain groups that show little interest in a particular candidate. McCain with black voters, Obama with middle-class white voters that go for Hillary but say they won't vote for Obama in the fall.

All I'm saying is, if you discredit McCain for trying to make inroads with voters that show little to no interest in him and call it "pandering," just be aware both groups have to do it intensely in the general election. It'll most likely decide the next President.


(But I also think to some extent it's insurance, as the second commenter says.)


Tony, umm, Howard Dean "had" a 50 state strategy in 2006. It's now very clear that Dean, Pelosi, Obama et al have a "48 state" strategy. Or maybe fewer, seeing that many pundits and bloggers say Democrats "don't need" certain states and voting groups in November.

Rod Mc

LUTHER: You make some great points. I'm totally opposed to McCain and am against many of his positions, but, will give credit where credit is due. He makes an effort.

OTOH, I don't think he means it, lol, but he's trying to position himself as the anti-Bush.

And please feel free to comment in any threads. Didn't mean to sound too harsh in that other post.

ATL KID: You may be onto something. It seems like McCain is trying to blunt the "McBush/McSame" argument (which probably won't be too effective) and also trying to be his own man.

ATL KID/TONY: The Democrats "used" to stand for counting every vote and "used" to a 50 state strategy. Not sure what they plan to do in the fall with their mess in MI/FL.

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