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22 May 2008



I don't even know why any young black gay man would WANT to go there when there are plenty of other colleges where you can be yourself and not worry about getting your skull bashed in. There are liberal campuses all over this country. Let the "masculine" negroes have their fun down there. No sense in trying to change a campus known for its closed-mindedness and lack of progression. It is a waste of time and energy.

Brandon Jax

Luther, I also read about the "most handsome" title at another blog. That is very weird, "real men" aren't supposed to look at things like that.

Also thanks for the heads up, Rod, on this story and the other HBCU news. I'm an HBCU alumni myself and appreciate reading how the colleges are embracing diversity and dealing with gay students.


Umm, I can verify from first hand knowledge that there are signficant numbers of "the gays" at Morehouse. Always have, always will.


I'm a 19 year old gay man (somewhat closeted) and a student at Grambling State University, which is an HBCU in Louisiana. Obviously, there are thousands of gay and lesbian students at many HBCUs. It seems that the problem is much more pronounced at Morehouse, possibly because it is all male, or maybe because of its reputation. ll.

There are many gay students at Morehouse and other HBCUs but most are closeted. Hopefully the atmosphere will become more friendly and many of us will be able to be open.


They probably would have tried to burn me at the stake at an HBCU which would ironic considering the word "faggot" comes from that practice.


"Kind of peculiar at best since when do 'straight' black men look at other men as objects of attractiveness or desirability? "

Since 2008.It's not 1978 anymore. I hear straight-identified black dudes refer to other dudes as being pretty or cute more and more.

Robert Jones, Jr.

I find it quite curious when I hear that black people are no more homophobic than white people. My personal experience (going to school in the majority Italian neighborhood Bensonhurst in Brooklyn and living in the housing projects of Gravesend Brooklyn), I can tell you that white peopel called me the n-word and black people called me the f-word. White people might have thought I was gay, but never really cared. But black people hounded me, tormented me, beat me up day after day after day simply because they PERCEIVED me as gay.

Please Stop

Please I grew up at Morehouse , and i also went to school there
Morehouse is a gay prep school . It teaches you how to be gay and survive in society. Marry a Spelman woman , have 2 kids and register for a Adam4adam account . The Dl has be present there since i was a kid, Faculty ,students . I laugh at homecoming watching people i knew were openly gay with their wives , looking at their boy

Rod Mc

MORRIS: Welcome back. You make an excellent point on the closeted/apolitical/self-hating gay students. The LAT piece touched upon this but I concentrated on the gay/straight angle. FWIW, those type of closeted/anti-gay students will probably attend Bishop Eddie Long's church and call themselves on the "dl." Go figure.

ROBERT: Definitely. It's more socially acceptable to express homophobia in the black community, regardless of income groups or education. It's amazing how we perpetuate those stereotypes at very young ages.


Where to begin? A lot of great points but I think Marcos hit the nail on the head as far as being a black man in 2008. Our view of ourselves is so narrow and ignorant it's shameful. It's not just homophobic, it's anti-intellectual. And coming from prestigious HBCU's its confounding. And where is Morehouse located? Atlanta? The black gay capital of the world!

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