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07 May 2008


Josh Green

This really is good news. I'm glad to see black gay men OUT AND PROUD and holding office.

malik m.l. williams

see, now that's about five miles from me and i didn't even know they were having an election. i'm gonna have to get in touch with him and give him congratulations. thanks gain, rod!

Mel Smith

Yes! This is really great news.


As a PROUD WASHINGTON DC NATIVE, I know Falls Church, VA well as it is close the city! What a wonderful sign and signal to the Chocolate City that we are doing great things right across the water!

NOW it's time for this to happen IN DC, NYC, ATL or some other major city! Isn't it intriguing that while we are running off at the mouth in the big cities, it's always the smaller towns/cities/areas that are doing BIG THINGS!


I'm super proud of Lawrenece. He's a good person, and passionate about politics. He also hangs with a progressive, forward thinking crew...he will not let us down.

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