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01 May 2008


Lang B.

Not saying LL Is gay but Men know that other men are hot, good looking etc.
LL won't say it verbally but he thinks it. Don't give me that not evolved sh^!. Straight men that go to the gym get inspired off of the physiques of other guys and compete, why- 'cause they know the other guy is hot.

Such B.S

Derrick from PHilly

"Hoodies, Boots & whatever"

Ah, thug love. Enjoy y'all selves.

Give me "sweet/clean" trade like Barack any day over that.....although I'd rather the future president put on about 40 lbs first.


Oh, I'm sooooo sure LL knows a "hot" man when he sees one.


I'm sure LL has DONE or been DONE by a hot man or several in his lifetime...HUZZAH!

Mike W

That man is soooo sexy and so flirtatious. Of course he licked his lips while he said that ...

C Bradshaw

KB, so you have heard those rumors, too? Not only LA, but apparently it has been said it NYC. Oh, and Langston is right. Body boys love other body boys, even if just to look at for "inspiration."


ROTFL @ sweet/clean trade like Barack. Gotta agree though. The hoodrat shit is tired.

West Side Poz

LOL @ Derrick. You are too crazy.

LL is too darn fine. What a man. And how is he 38? Yes, yes, yes.


Is it just me, or is it a turn-on when somebody refers to themselves in the third person? Tony's impressed.


What is really sad is that a black man who has so much wealth and security over countless other black men had to respond like a typical "hood rat".

That is the cost of keeping it real.

Rod Mc

KB: You are absolutely right. I missed "reading between the lines." I moved your comemnt up to the body of the post, thanks!

CHARLES: It didn't bother me so much. He didn't come across as homophobic. He admits that only the "real playas" have that much confidence.

TONY: Haha, Rod is impressed, too!

Franklyn Smith

KB is right. Those are not rumors. I'm in the industry and its actually quite well known. There is a reason why Russell Simmons took a liking to him.

Alan T

I've seen LL numerous times and he is very gay friendly.


KB: I apologize for not being up to date on slang, but what does "DSLs" mean?


DSL=Dick Sucking Lips


I think people need to get over themselves when it comes to stuff like this. Maybe I'm nonchalant because I don't care for LL Cool J, and never have. But, I think GAYS need to except the fact that not many people are opened to homosexually. I see if he was on the cover of "Out" and said something like this. It's what his audience wants to hear.


"Money", you're taking a quantum leap. No one said that LL Cool J was homophobic. We were just making a joke about him saying some guys were embarrassed to admit they liked his music, and, he was not "evolved" enough to say a man was "hot." As KB said, it speaks for itself.

But thanks for the reality check!



Oh, that makes sense. I'm not sure if LL is gay or not, but I don't care either way. He's always seemed to me like a nice guy who respected his fans, regardless of their orientation...


but he still a power bottom though.


what you in here niger?
& how come a man can't find you

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