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05 May 2008


Derrick from Philly

Either Barack or Hillary can beat this man. They should be able to anyway. It's like he makes a blunder once a week. Let it continue, Dear Lord.

Gianni B

Here, here, Derrick. McCain is a tough old bird but either Democrat can take him to school. One week he confuses Shia and Sunni, the next week its the oil invasion. As long as the DNC keeps softening him up with those commercials, they can move in for the kill later.



when McCain makes a SERIOUS blunder, the Obama-minions are nowhere to be found...

I wonder why..oh that's right, they only go after HILLARY!

A clear chance for the obamabots to rally behind obama and poke holes through this LATEST McCain error, and they're nowhere to be found...


i hope the democrats are WATCHING McCain..because they'll have PLENTY of material to use when they go after him in the fall...


The Democrats are definitely watching McCain. He will not be as easy to beat as many expect, but, he will be a formidable foe. Obama and Clinton have said this.

Ryan, I know what you're talking about and hope that everyone takes McCain seriously. As the "Rev Kev" says, "I am for a Mccain free America!"

greg g

Ryan, you can say that again. I stopped going to several other black gay blogs, they never report any community or LGBT news, just campaign bs and Obama drama but it is what it is.

Back on topic. Derrick is absolutely positively 100% correct. Obama and Clinton can beat this man, the only variable will be the economy and perceived security situation.

But you know the Republicans, they are likely to announce an orange alert in October or send an aircraft carrier somewhere, all to gin up the fear factor for McCain.

Alan T

Well, there is a very good reasoin for that, Ryan. Some people want are more interested in the nomination and could care less if Obama wins in November. Then, some others, such as myself, are interested in nominating a candidate who will win in November.

John Mccain may come across as an old fool but he is not. He is very dangerous and many people forget his biggest that his biggets fanbase is the Media.

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