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02 May 2008


Ryan Canty



The Republican Agenda smear fest has begun....and it's only may 2nd.

I wonder how this will look come August/September when the general election campaign is in full swing....


Whatever, Marcos.

Yes, superdelegates are moving his way because the VOTERS are moving the other way. Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania ... Indiana.

It's not our fault Obama waited more than a year into his campaign to address Rev. Wright and then two months to "reject" him. Now, thanks to Obama and his fanclub in the media and blogs, we have to deal with that every day he is in the race.

Vote for who you want. I will vote for Obama or Clinton. Politics, a movement and a political party is larger than ONE PERSON, especially someone with such a thin record whose supporters continue to racebait and spread smears.

Oh, and the Huffington Post has become ridiculous with its racist smears and Obama fluffing.

Derrick from Philly

So, we're going to have either a black nominee who half the white folks say they won't vote for, or a white woman nominee who half the black folks say they won't vote for. Barack can't win without that white half, and Hillary can't win without her black half.

Prayer meetin' time, chil'ren

"...Lord, do it for me, right now"


Wright was thrown under the bus because Obama's poill numbers are slipping. That's why he is unveiling these superdelegates and old party hacks to change the story. Obama did the same thing before Ohio and Pennsylvania, more superdelegates to say "let's get unified" and at the same time his internet fanbase says things like Marcos just said.

So much for the "unity" pony promised by the Obamsa fans. Oh, and people like "Marcos" have probably7 never voted in their lives or supported a candidate. Byt all means, vote for McCain. He's only against gay rights, affirmative action, Katrina rebuilding, college loans, choice for women, universal health care ...

Oh, and Rod nailed it last Friday and weeks ago when he said Wright would redefine Obama. IIRC, most of y'all were disagreeing. Times change ...


If people want to bash Clinton for staying in the race (and she clearly has that right given the poll nunbers) then so be it. Either way, things are going to look pretty bad for Obama Tuesday if his poll numbers keep dropping and will only get worse when the polls close in West Virginia and Kentucky.

Rod Mc

MARCOS: If you have a comment on the Rasmussen Poll or Rev. Wright, go ahead.

But if your comemnts are random Clinton Derangement Syndrome, or, actively talking about sabotaging the Democratic party, please go to HuffPo, AmericaBlog, Andrew Sullivan, MSNBC, Rush Limbaugh, RedState, etc.

Franklyn Smith

Duwyane, thank you. As usual, the Kool-Aid drinkers have spiked their punch.

Sorry, this has nothing to do with HRC. This is Obama's problem and has been for 20 years. He joined that church to move up in colored South Side society and knew it would be a problem when he ran for president. That's why he prayed with Rev. Wright in the "basement" the day he announced his run.

You want to blame someone, you blame Obama for not dealing with this last year. Blame the media for refusing to ask questions. But you do not blame Hillary Clinton. It's not her fault or her campaign's fault. If they wanted to capitalize on this, they could pushed this last year but they didn't.

Definitely don't get upset with Rod, either. This blog was one of the very few to say Wright would be a HUGE problem down the road and this week's Wright tour would damage Obama. Most of thee people on here followed the Obama Blogger Talking Points and argued with him.


Please don't flash the "progressive" card and say you would prefer McCain to Clinton. One stands for gay rights, universal healthcare, exapanding educationa nd housing and againt global warming. The other opposes all of that. that's not a "progressive" talking, that's an ideologue.

Or by "progressive" did you mean how Clinton fought against the Senate resolutions that condemned MoveOn.org and they abandoned her? You-know-who "missed" that vote but received MoveOn's endorsement anyway. Tere are many more examples.

A. Ronald

Yes, it is just one poll, the post specifically says that. Rod always posts polls. Sorry, but you can't dismiss polls one day and then want to use them the next day. That's not intellectually consistent.

This is an Obama problem and is now redefining the Democratic Party. This is not a Clinton iussue. I don't see her name mentioned in the post or the poll. I find this all very amnusing, people are now starting to realize the Obama magic is wearing off. He should introduced his pastor LAST YEAR. Maybe he wouild not have won Iowa, but he would have put it past him. Now, he simply looks like "another politician" and is picking a fight on ths silly gas tax to distract the voters.

Ryan Canty

Well, Marcos McCain or whoever you are, get your facts right.

Millions of progressives DO NOT agree with you. Says WHO? I'm a progressive in the realest sense of the word and your comments are a load of crap.

You are typical of the deranged obama supporter who masks barely hidden hatred of hillary clinton that's based on what?...*crickets*...*crickets*

RIGHT you dont know why you hate her--you only go by what the republican right TELLS you about Hillary. You are the kind of voter NEITHER Clinton, Obama, or hell, even geritol sippin McCain wants...

So, Ms. Marcos McCain-Bush-Rove-Cheney-Rice==give it a rest, ok?


Thank You Ryan!


Well as someone who has been active in politics and government most of my 48 years and a Democrat, I can tell you there are more than a few of us sick of Hillary and who wish she'd drop out. I had lunch with such a party insider just today. And yes indeedy, there are large numbers of black folks who will sit out this election rather than vote for her. There are polls to prove it.

The whole Wright episode is a smoke screen. At the end of the day, he's not running for office. Furthermore the Clintons turned to him for advice when they were having marital difficulties, but somehow that fact gets missed by the mainstream media.

For anyone who cares, the issues of this campaign are the bogus war in Iraq that is costing us trillions, the recession-bordering-on-depression, the mortgage crisis for the middle class and homelessnes for the poor, education, global warming and climate control, and a bunch of other things the GOP, big business and the media would like us to forget about.


Bernie: How is turning to someone for advice one or two times and someone knowing a pastor for twenty years, donating thousands of dollars and naming a book after this person equivalent? There is just no way Obama supporters can blame Bill or Hillary for this fiasco. It is all Obama's doing, Hillary didn't attend Trinity UCC for 20 years, Obama did.


Another thing, why do so many black folk (including several in my family) believe that this will suddenly end when Hillary is out of the picture. My brothers and sisters, this is just getting started!

tyler grey

Bernie, there are many more polls by the day that show a majority of CLINTON supporters leaving for McCain. You know, working class whites whom Democrats always lose except in '92 and '96, in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Millions more whites than blacks, you know.

The anecdote of Wright coming to the White House once is ridiculous. We all heard exactly what Wright thought of the Clintons from his pulpit, when he HUMPED THE PULPIT and used the n-word with Hillary. As Ryan says, there is no linkage.

I love the fact how ObamaNation can NEVER talk about Obama's problems without bringing up Clinton. Everything has a Clintyon sidebar. I can sit here and talk about Clinton's weaknesses and strengths for hours, where she can run strong, what states she will have problems. i can do the same for Obama.

Just as an fyi, I read this blog every day, Rod brings up all those issues, from global warming to Iraq. Most of y'all son't seem too interested when he does, but, seem more than interested to exhibit CDS whenever Obama has a problem.

Ryan Canty

wow....the clinton derangement syndrome is in full effect.

I love how many of you are quoting "invisible" stats about how black people aren't going to vote for her if she's the nominee..when there have been no facts to prove that. and, also you are speculating for an entire RACE of people in this country who come with their own needs and wants in a presidential candidate...

and Marcos McCain-Bush-Cheney-Rove-Rice: Once again, you dont speak for black progressives or "progressives" in general. Did you talk to me about how I felt about Ms. Clinton? Nope..so you might want to back up and edit this comment of yours:"'I have heard many, many politically active progressives and Blacks vow the same, so it should not be a shock to anyone.'"

Marcos, Reading is FUNdamental, not FOR the mental...edit that comment above. You didn't speak for me, and I would appreciate it if you'd come with better sense the next time you want to discuss progressives and black at this site knowing that only the ones YOU talked to feel as you do..not all of us.

Derrick from Philly

Oh, Duwayne: "...just beginning"
Oh, no, darlin'. I'm going to Jamaica, then. I'd rather face death than 4 more months of the Clinton/Obama War.

Tyler, don't forget that Big Bill never won over 50% of the vote in '92 and '96. There was a major factor called Ross Perot. Are you sure those Reagan Democrats haven't continued to vote Republican in presidential elections? I don't trust them, and I don't like them.

Derrick from Philly


we're saying that we've heard so many black folks saying that they will not vote for her. I have never had so many members of my family and some gay friends say, "never" to a potential Democratic nominee--not even Michael Dukakis (after he faced Jesse in the primaries).

I'm hoping they'll get over it, and change their minds if she becomes the nominee.

Ryan Canty

and to derrick and everyone else:

I'm hearing from MANY black people who are going to vote for her if she is indeed the nominee. let's not talk about what "WE" would do as a community, when most of us have our own individual ideas of what we want in a president.

so, kill all that mess about black people as a whole not voting for her if she is the nominee...because if she is and people dont want what we have had in office for the past 8 years, you best BELIEVE folk will vote for WHOMEVER the democratic nominee is, be it HRC or Obama


I personally have never really been into polls. I feel they are not scientific enough to get a real picture of how a majority of people feel. They are indeed simply a snapshot of the moment's thought. People can and do change their minds right before they pull the lever to cast their votes. Also it has been proven that polls have been skewed towards an organization that runs/owns. Sometimes it is used to create an outcome, as opoosed to simply record a possibility. Clinton will win Indiana, and Obama will win North Carolina. Clinton will stay in the race and something negative will happen this summer that will bump Clinton out.
When it looks as though Clinton is gaining momentum, whatever political machine that is being used to sidetrack Obama will be utilized to sidetrack Clinton. This is a purely political game. No one ever thought of Obama as being a threat at the beginning. This is why no one paid him much attention, other than saying "Hey, there's a Black guy trying to run for president." He was an oddity. However, once he started to gain credence it seems the political machine started digging because he was "too clean, and "so new" to politics that people were both impressed, and nervous. When tyhe press started using words like "viable" and "likability", people started to take notice. You can look back at the news machine and track/pinpoint when these words started is when Obama's run became "credible".
A number of superdelegates are sitting and waiting before they "show their hand" , regarding whom they are going to back. These are industry insiders whose views are quite different than the average voter. A number of superdelegates/insiders don't like the Clintons. There's too much history there and they don't seperate the two Clintons. Because of this, Obama will take the superdelegates.
The only thing I will say regarding those who say it takes experience to be the US president is, there is no way to "train" to be president of one of the worlds superpowers. There have been those who have been in government a short period of time and those who have been in longer. The only thing that they have in common is that most of them went in with dark hair, or hair period, and most came out with white hair or bald.
There is no way to train whether or not to go to war, or other major things like that. You just go in with an open mind and do your best not to have "yes men" around you. You need people with expertise of their fields of knowledge surrounding you. And you need to learn to listen and when do both agree and disagree. So what you need is good common sense and the ability to put your ego in check. All that training comes from when you are born, all the way up till the presidency.
I'm voting for who I feel has the most common sense, and the ability to put their ego in check.

Derrick from Philly


nobody said "black people as whole". But "black people as a whole" won't have to vote for her at all in November. It'll be a choice between Grandpa Viagara and sexy brown slimjim Barry. Now, ha' ya' like dat?

I can get testy too, chile.


Derrick: do better

read the comments as a whole..and stop making assumptions about how black people will vote in november...that's my whole issue. Marcus McCain made an erroneous assumption that all black progressives think as he do and are giving support to obama when that hasn't been proved or substantiated..he claimed he knew what ALL progressives think i told him..and ill tell you and everyone else here--he doesn't and needed to get snatched on that fact.

do you know how EVERY last black person will vote? well...clue me in because no one knocked on my door to ask me how i'd vote.....

and, i think you may want to hold off on declaring Barack the nominee..he still needs to get over rev. wright--who isn't going to lie down easily...he still has YET to show he can connect with working class voters--white, black, etc.

so ya boy has a LONG way to go...

testy or not, he's not the nominee yet...and there still are some hefty contests to win after NC and IN...WV, KY, etc. states hillary will have high ratings in...

i'm just saying..y'all declaring barack the nominee..and he still can't win big states...explain that away..big states where working class people form those CHOICE voting blocks that he needs if he intends to win in november....

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