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31 May 2008


Duane, NW Minnesota.......

Apparently Father Pfleger did extremely well in his elocution coursework when at seminary....but must have failed miserably at any course regarding public etiquette or personal discipline? And we wonder why church attendance is down.........


I don't think anyone is surprised by this. Obama HAD to do this or this would have been with him until August. Now I hope Obama finds a very quiet, non-threatening congregation in Washington DC to worship at so he can put this finally behind him. I am going to lift him and Trinity UCC up in worship tomorrow.


This is something Obama needed to do several months ago, but, he has done it now, thankfully. The Obama campaign and the Democrats do not need the Trinity albatross around their necks. I can't believe that priest said "damn" in the pulpit and all that other mess.

Maybe Obama will become an Episcopalian?

A. Ronald

Rod, I heard about the Pfleger drama on Wednesday and Thursday and wondered why you were silent. Maybe because you said this would continue to be a problem for Obama?

Oh, and Roland Martin, the Obama surrogate who masquerades as a CNN contributor, says Pfleger had "little" to do with Obama's decision. Roland says church members have been pestered by the media and the pastor has received "death threats" so this helps them. LOL!


ATL Kid: You and I are thinking on the same page. Obama should go to an Episcopalian church, become an active member and stay as far away as he can from Rev. Wright and Trinity UCC.

Black to the Future

This is very interesting. I live here in Chicago and have been to the Trinity Church only once. I found the church to be very Afro-centric in its perspective on faith/spirituality, which was quite refreshing, so this does not surprise me at all. It is almost reminiscent of the scene/speech that Malcolm X gave when he stated that "we didn't land at Plymouth Rock...Plymouth Rock landed on us!"---Unfortunately, President Obama's association with this church has caused him and his family considerable grief and it is very sad that he has to distance himself from his place of worship, which he has called a "source of strength" for at least the past 10-15 years, but I am not suprised that every link that this man is connected to is being examined and scrutinized. I wish the same could be done with all of the other candidates. Have we searched out Hillary's pastor for any previous unbiblical statements? Have we checked that McCain's pastor was not involved or linked with any unholy alliances? I don't think so. That would be too much like right, so instead our country continues to hold President Obama's life up to a different standard and ignorantly expects him to distance himself from anyone that says anything that can be taken out of context...we wouldn't want a President that went to a church that believes that there are some White people who exist in this country who thinks that they are better simply because of the color of their skin---that would be unheard of...can I get an Amen...

Ramon P

Black, that is a really long rant, but you just don't get it: Obama is running for president of the United States. His life, his friends, his career, his record, his church ... they are under a microscope. This is what happens to presidential candidates. Obama is NOT being scrutinized more. If anything, the media has given him a free ride.

Oh, and leave Hillary Clinton out of this. She had NOTHING to do with those racebaiting sermons at Trinity, several of which conveniently targeted her. Stop blaming Clinton for Obama's problems. And if she had a pastor who said something outrageous or made racist comments about Obama, or friends who were linked to the PLO or domestic terrorism, she would not be allowed to stay in the race.


Breaking news to Black to the Future: Pastors and priests are not supposed to advocate for or against political candidates from the pulpit. It's breaking their tax exempt status. And this has nothing to do with Clinton or McCain, its about Obama's judgment and incendiary racial rhetoric directed at one of his opponents. Obama says his judgment is superior and these are his associates. It says a lot about him, imho.

Obama joined that church because he was new to Chicago and that is where middle class black folks in Chicago go to be seen. Now he doesn't need them anymore. It's getting crowded under that bus. The entire Trinity Church, Father Pfleger, Rev. Wright, Obama's grandmother, typical white people ... who else is Obama going to have to denounce and reject? I don't think anyone took this seriously. Only the KoolAid drinker believe anything Obama says. As Rev. Wright said, Obama is a POLITICIAN.

Bernie (from NYC)

Somebody tell me, what did he say that wasn't the truth?

The truth shall make you free.


I seriously doubt I'll ever be a churchgoer, but I have to admit that Father Pfleger's sermon was quite entertaining. So maybe I'm missing out...

Although, as Rev. Wright says, Obama is a politician, we can all wonder if that's all he is. The signs are mostly bad, of course, but it's fun to think that he could surprise us. I'm afraid that that very weak hope is all we got.

But it's good to know, at least, that we could have a president who has at least heard this kind of talk before. I suspect it would be our first. And, we can only hope that the right wing's propaganda—which I'm sure they don't really believe—is actually correct, and that this kind of talk has, at some subconscious level, affected Obama's thinking.


I didn't see anything wrong with what the pastor said.

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