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28 May 2008



If anyone should know about a "gay problem", it would be Matt Sanchez.


The irony, of course, is that FOX News, The Weekly Standard and the World Net Daily continue to give Matrt Sanchez a platform. They see absolutely no problem with his advocacy.

I believe these are what some people call "situational ethics."


I was wondering when Matty 'Dirty' Sanchez would crawl out from under that rock. He's still a hustler, only Fuck Snooze and the like are the tricks.


KB--Ms. Malkin is NOT giving up her title..TRUST!

its ashame that they both went to my alma maters:


it's embarassing..and the both of them aren't claimed either....

but, ms. sanchez=he's still hooking...how is supposed to pay for the full tuition at columbia if he's still there....

i mean, the GI Bill only pays for the first two years..ms. matt was a 2nd semester sophomore/first semester junior.when he made the erroneous charge that he was being harassed by liberal protesters at columbia..which was later proven FALSE by columbia....and that was in 2005

it's 2008, and last i checked, his name doesnt come up in the alumni page...hmmmmmmmmm

HOW YOU DOIN, MATT? all right....you still hookin though, dont lie abou tit...i mean, what other skills do you have?


Funny. Last year before the military opened an investigation into his gay sex career Sanchez tried to pass himself off as a moderate. He did an interview with Michael Signorile and said he was against Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Audio clips from this interview are posted at Joe My God.


Matt Sanchez is a flip flopper in every sense of the word. As this YouTube clip shows...


It's "Mateo" setting up a date with some dude he met on a gay hookup site.


'Maybe he was up "cramming" all night'...Rod you are bad :-)

Sanchez and Jeff Gannon should get together. I'm sure they tricked in the same circles.


Eric: "Sanchez tried to pass himself off as a moderate. He did an interview with Michael Signorile and said he was against Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

This is incorrect. I've listened to every Sanchez interview and even his bogus BlogTalkRadio show. He said he is against DADT because *it is not anti-gay enough*! His argument was that even letting in closeted gays damages unit cohesion. Since his coming out at the CPAC awards ceremony, Sanchez has NEVER stated a pro-gay position on any issue.


Randy, I'm not buying it. In the Signorile interview he approached the topic of DADT as if it was bad for gays. And Sanchez said he was against. Sanchez isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, so it's possible he misunderstood the issue.

However, at the time Sanchez was also critical of Ann Coulter's faggot comment at CPAC. In more than one source Sanchez acted as if he thought he comment was over the line. Since then he's not only come to her defense, but he's made homophobic comments himself that were 100% worse than anything Ann Coulter has ever said about gays.

So I stand by my characterization of Sanchez trying to pass himself off as a moderate.

Sanchez is hustling con man. He tells people what he thinks they want to hear.


anyone have any nude shots of mr. sanchez?


I saw his hookin' ass in Chelsea not too long ago! Damn, I thought he was so (smart?)sexy with his ability to speak 3 languages.EDITED. Oh well, guess anyone could get sucked in (pun intended)to this right-wing programming shit.

Honut Sinti

He's bi-polar: a hustler and a liar!

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