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05 May 2008


Derrick from Philly

Damn shame. What was that hex Miss Celie put on Mister, "...until you do right by me everything you try to do is gonna' fail..."

I guess, this is just why so many black homosexuals keep it on the "DL".
I can't criticize "down low" guys for keeping their "business" secret. I just hate it when they practice anti-gay hatred to cover themselves. But when you see this kind of hatred practiced by black folks against black gay children...well, I can't blame the "down low" folks. Who wants to have your life thrown into disaray by the people you love and trust? Do they love you back?

Xavier G

Thanks for staying on top of this story. This is ridiculous, these are students trying to learn. The principal and school district need to be held accountable.


Derrick is correct.

This is why so many black gay men are in the closet or are forced to believe they must be on "the down low."

Here we have two beautiful, smart, strong young black gay men. Thery are honors students and attending an HBCU prep school. But they are told they are not worthy simply because they are gay?

Nicholas and Andrew are role models.


This story makes me sick to my stomach. These young men have to go through so much and are so brave for being out and proud. Then comes the school and principal who try to expose them and out them to their families.

I';m not sure of LemOyne Owen's reputation. Most of the HBCUs are very conservative black institutions and are not welcoming of gay students. At least on the male side. Spelman is very welcoming to lesbians, but, of course, it is an women's school and more progressive on sexuality.


I feel bad because these young boys wanted to make a difference and were not allowed to because of their sexuality. I think it is really shame...

Alan T

I agree with you, Duwayne.

These young men are brilliant and should be treated as heroes. This school, the school district and the pricipals are the real cowards here. How dare they reat these students like they were criminals. They are in love. How can you get more beautiful than that?

Mel Smith

If the principal made anti gay statments to those children, I hope they get paid millions of dollars in payment damage.

Kip Smithers

FYI - Morehouse College and the Morehouse School of Medicine are two independent and distinct organizations. The allegations of the "anti-gay firing" took place at the Morehouse School of Medicine; the baseball bat incident took place at Morehouse College. Your article leads readers to believe they took place at the same school.

Taylor Siluwe

If she said that homosexuality is not tolerated in the school then she should be fired.

I just don't see anyway around it. No apologies required -- just pick up her purse, and take her Flintstonian attitude and step.

This is also the reason our school sucks the big one. Our educators (some at least) are assholes.


This is insane! What year is this? I hope the paerents of these children don't back down and fight this all the way.


And black women like her are the same ones who complain about the down low. This is why I don't fool with too many black chicks. I'm really becoming anti-woman, period, save for mom and my sister of course.

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