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02 May 2008


Mel Smith

We need to condemn these terrible acts of human rights violations committed by Uganda. Do they think they are the Nazis?

Xavier G

These reports from Africa are shocking. Black gay men in the United States have it very easy compared to our brothers and sisters in the diaspora.


The UK government is getting more and more homophobic in asylum cases. It is truly disturbing.


This is wrong, there is only one GOD, and this god is this the only one to be judging not the fucking government. OMFG what the hell is wrong with people. Who and what fucking right do you have to impose what you believe!!!! Tell me are you better? Is your god better?? Guess what we all die and get judge for what we do here. So keep doing what your dong, because you will get yours.

Derrick from Philly

Her brother? How could he stand to know what he did to his sister? There may have been a time when black people were noble. Now, we have just as many crazy-ass blacks as there are crazy-ass whites.

I wish she could get to Canada.

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