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26 June 2008


Derrick from Philly

Very sad...sad on many levels. Low self-esteem, and no hopes for a future play into the continued rise of infection.


Same old sad story. What is the point of bringing this up if no one has any solutions? Or does anyone?

Lang B.

Disturbing sad and frustrating yet not all to surprising.

We as "brothas in tha life" need to get back to loving and protecting each other over lusting and exploiting each other.

The minute Rod posts some attractive guy, the comment section gets flooded. Anything concerning saving ourselves you can count the responses.

We must at all costs continue to encourage/ inform the younger/new brothas to get back to self love and respect for other brothas.

Too much thinking with the di$#
over thinking with our minds.

What ever happen to relationships? It appears to be more about relations (sex) nowadays.

Waiting for the tide to turn.

atl kid

ELG, there is a point. The CDC, which is part of the United States government, devoted an entire study and a research paper to this, magazines are reporting it, Rod continues to talk about, reminds people to get tested, several of us are commenting ... if you don't know what to say, you can leave the conversation to the grownups.

Oh and there is a simple solution. Use a damn condom, tell everyone to use a condom, encourage everyone to get tested.


Lang, I totally agree with you. If Rod posts anything related to a hot man, a rapper, the DL or certain political threads, the comments explode.

Other topics that require a serious and unvarnished look at our own behavior, where we cannot blame anyone but ourselves, many/most of us are quiet as church mice. Or, like the brother above, want to shoot the messenger.

I grew up in the 1980s when everyone talked about AIDS. Unfortunately, back then, many of us thought it was a 'white gay man's disease' and it seems many of us still believe that. Unfortunately, the data now show it is largely a black and gay black disease. So yes, there are things we can do, we are talking about it and acknowledging the problem.

Mel Smith

Well, I also blame black heterosexual people for the spread of HIV amongst homosexual black men. Their backwards interpretation of religion and their desire to fit in with the white population, play a major role in spreading HIV in black communities. I also agree that WE, as black gay folks, got to start loving each other more. The whole world is racist, sexist and just bigoted.


13? Good lord ... is it just me are or these boys getting hot in the behind at younger and younger ages? The scary thing is, it's common in cities like DC and Bmore for those young boys (not that young, like 18 or so) to engage in unsafe sex with men who are much older than they are. I think that's a huge part of the problem, at least here. There is no reason for the amount of men under the age of 25 to be positive in this area that are. Then folks wonder why I've hardly had any sex the whole time I've lived in DC. It's not even worth it.


atl kid: My earlier comment was rhetorical in some sense. It was a reflection of my frustration with reports that come out fairly regularly that say HIV rates continue to climb among black gay men (when the rates are already so high).

I KNOW that the solution is "get tested and use condons". But gay men have heard that a hundred times unless they live in a cave.

Obviously, there are some young (and not so young) gay men who don't want to use condoms. They WANT to have unprotected sex without knowing your HIV status. They are all around. In other words, they're either already HIV positive (or think they are) or they don't care if they become HIV positive. This is the group I was thinking about when I made my earlier comment.

The gay men who want to use condoms are doing it. The ones who don't want to use condoms are not doing it. This is a choice they have made.

If, as a gay man, you don't think your life is worth saving there is nothing anyone else can do for you. From where I sit, all the studies and reports in the world are not going to change that.



Sure, many people are having unsafe sex and that is not news to many people. But it is valuable to point out the consequences of it -- namely, a sharp rise in HIV infection rates. I bet not everyone who has unsafe sex is doing it because they don't mind getting HIV. Some may simply be in denial about the risk. Reports like this reinforce the message: unsafe sex really can kill you.


Mark ... you make a valid point, but at the same time, that is tough to believe. I'll be 29 in a little over a month. From the time I began to learn about sex in school nearly 20 years ago, we were taught about the risk of STDs and AIDS. We watched celebs fall ill and die. (I still remember when Sylvester died and seeing it in Jet, and asking my dad what AIDS was) We watched relatives and family friends die. (I remember the tragic death of my mom's friend's brother - it was devastating; and losing my own cousin to AIDS in the early 90s) TLC plastered rubbers on their clothes and sang about safe sex. Salt N Pepa got on TV with Peter Jennings to inform us about AIDS. What else do people need? Anybody saying they don't know the risk is just not being truthful. Maybe they are in denial as you suggested, but it's just like pregnancy - it's a risk you run when you don't use protection, period. We know how it happens. I cannot fathom a young adult in 2008 saying they don't know these risks are out there. With all of the info at their disposal,there's no reason for it.

I just think a lot of young dudes don't give a damn ... and a good portion of the older ones, too.

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