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06 June 2008



Ugh .... I really hope this movie is not Noah and Wade-centric. They spent way too much time on them on that show. Plus, the dude can't act his way out of a paper bag - though he has gotten better. Nonetheless, love the show and I cannot wait to see it whether it is in theatrical release or DVD. I hope people come out in full force and support it.


eh...they had their shot when the show ended abruptly back in 2006 i think it was...

will they pick up there they left off...

better question, will the writing and character development be "rapid degeneration to utter shit" or will it be a step up and just be "horridly mediocre"

only time will tell..either way, ill pass...review for me kiddies when it comes out Fall 2008!


"the dude can't act his way out of a paper bag - though he has gotten better."

Truer words were never spoken. Jensen sho is pretty to look at, but, he may need to take a few classes. But I love the show and look forward to its arrival ... on tv, dvd or theaters!


Wilson Cruz was an addition to the cast. He will be missed but the movie will live on!


There's a sneak peak at some scenes from the movie on Logo's website! Logoonline.com. Just saw some of the cast on the Logo awards show, airing tonight and they announced the clips on the website. They're funny...And the clip says "in theaters this fall".

C. Baptiste-Williams

I am still upset they took their one black show and a hit at that off the air for a "movie project" that still has no definite format.

needless to say I dont have LOGO anymore and won't be getting it.

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