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12 June 2008


Derrick from Philly

Barack, Deval Patrick & Adrian Fenty: three of the finest black men in politics today. I aint crazy about Harold Ford though...wonder why? Governor Patterson is sexy too, and probably not too shallow about other people's physical appearance.

Now, our mayor, Michael Nutter sure aint no beauty...no. He's got big, sexy lips though, but lips are attached to a face, and...well, Mikey aint no Fenty.

But Obama, Patrick, Fenty: gorgeous. I used to think that idiot Fitzpatrick in Detroit was a big, sexy bear. Now, I think he's just a big idiot. Most men just can't control their dingdongs.




Derrick, I totally agree with you on that one. Who says black politicians were antigay. Oh, make sure you look at the next story on Gov. Patrick and his daughter.

Robert R

This is great news. Thanks, Rod, for keeping up with the black politicans who are making a difference in LGBT rights. y.

Derrick, you are a treasure, lmao, i love your humor. And no, Kwame Kilpatrick is a no-no, he likes freaky text message sex.


I looooove Adrian Fenty. I am so happy that you always feature him on this blog. Actually, this is about the only blog that pumps him up, and I ain't mad.


Adrian Fenty is one hot man. And brilliant and a great mayor, too. I. LOVE. IT.

C. Baptiste-Williams

lord knows i crush some adrian fenty...

so good being back in the district


C. Baptiste and TJ, back off boys, Adrian Fenty is mine. Well, he would be if he knew me, lol. Great post, Fenty is very much a man of the people.

SE DC Resident

Ah yes, Fenty is concerned about his big money HRC supporters in Dupont Circle. Perhaps he'll succeed in getting gay marriage in DC, despite failing to improve our public schools and failing to give a damn about the 8 people that were shot last night.


people in dc have been getting shot for decades now; long before fenty got in office. perhaps some of the people there need to give a damn about one another. it's a shame. some of the blacks there are so prosperous and others just don't seem to be able to find their way. don't blame the mayor for that.

Robert P

Freeleo you are absolutely right. The mayor cannot be held responsible for the gang and drug problem in DC. That is indicative of a larger problem in our community. If you want to clean up SE DC, you might want to try to start one block at a time and work with your neighbors and children.

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