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27 June 2008



I personally hate this plain dead zombish style, give me hip hop style or "urban" anytime. At least it had some kind of life, I just feel dead looking at them.

Though I know everyone will be head over heels for it and say WELL IT'S BETTER THAN THUGS!!1!!


i think rod is a bit too inspired by obama.

Tyler Grey

Rod "inspired by Obama"? HaHa, you must be new here.

I actually really appreciate the slant here because it's not KoolAid and very reasonable. That being said, it's funny how Versace first said Obama inspired their line and is now backtracking. Maybe Donatella has a crush on Barry LOL


nah i think she backtracking so she doesnt lose her (white) base. its unfortunate cause im sure negroes spend alot of money on high end fashion even when they cant afford it.

as for rod's obama slant its cool and everything but i hope this false sense of black nationalism behind obama dies down soon. people need to realize he is just another politician and not some messiah out to save the race.


Blknbandit, you must be brand new to this blog. Rod supported Clinton in the primaries and has been highly critical of Obama groupies. He has said the same exact thing about Obama and has been criticized. Get your facts together, please.

Rod Mc

BLKBANDIT That's ridiculous. I'm supporting Obama over McCain, but there is no 'Obama slant' on this blog. If anything, everyone gave me grief for supporting Clinton so strongly and not drinking the Obama Kool Aid.

FWIW, you make some good points about the messianic marketing of Obama, but this was a post about fashion, let's get back to the topic.


Blkbandit, I'm literally LOL at your comments. You must have just parachuted into this blog and missed the entire primary season.

Back to Versace. I wasn't sure what to make of this collection. Donatella doesn't used too many black models so this was a very interesting move on her part. It was also a strategic move to throw an olive branch to Obama. During the primaries, Donatella Versace was a big ole Clinton supporter and wanted to design clothes for Hillary. OMG, that would have been incredible, can you imagine Hillary in Versace outfits. That would have went over well with the press, lol. I think she is a stronger designer now after throwing the company in the basement after her brother was killed. This was a good collection but I'm partial to Versace fall and winter collections.

Greg G

I think the Versace collections of the 1980s and 1990s had sooo much more life and edge. The brand has been in perpetual decline for some time now.


yes i am new to this blog. a friend put me on to this site and been addicted ever since. i get the vibe we both on the same page about the obamaniacs.


it's a shame Dems are still putting down Clinton and Obama instead of lifting them up and supporting them. their ideologies and policies are very very similar. they arent bland/boring like Dukakis, Gore, or Kerry. there isnt the flip-flopping and inconsistencies in their policies that we've seen from past Dem candidates.

...and yet Dems still will find reason to take shots at them.

if people spent more time lifting others up instead of bringing them down, we'd live in a much better society.


"there isnt the flip-flopping and inconsistencies in their policies that we've seen from past Dem candidates."

Umm, apparently someone has missed the past two weeks because a certain Democratic presidential candidate has 'flip flopped' on handgun bans, campaign finance, troop withdrawals, the death penalty and warrantless wiretapping. Oh, and FF, let's not even talk about 'Dems taking shots' and tearing 'down' other Democrats. We just went through 18 months of 'Democrats' lying and destroying the character of another Democratic candidate, yourself included, on these very pages. Please don't go there.

This post was actually very complimentary of Obama, it was very clever of Rod to bring up fashion, the lack of black models on runways and Obama's quest for the nomination. On the fashion tip, Greg makes a very good point, Versace's heyday was in the late 1980s and early to mid 1990s. When Versace was killed, he brand stagnated for several years, and Donatella spiraled out of control. She has her life together and is producing a higher quality product. The spring/summer may or may not have been inspired by Obama, but it is clearly his candidacy is causing people to rethink everything from hiring decision to producing fashion shows and advertising. That in itself is a very good thing. But imho Obama is more Hugo Boss or Armani, not so much Versace.

Derrick from Philly

My tall brown sugar Slim Jim will inspire world. Well, actually, he belongs to Michelle and those adorable future little First Daughters.

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