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13 June 2008


Greg G

Rod, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. There is a reason that I come to this website every day.


This is freakin' outrageous. Some of these people have lost their minds. I am writing to the company to tell them exactly what I think of their TOY.


What if anything can we do about this? This is really low...

Derrick from Philly

Well, as Luther and I told y'all...we knew it was comin'. Rod, isn't as old as us, but he knew it was comin' too.


Absolutely we knew this was coming. It's been on the sidelines all along. Shameful that people are making money this way.


Lord have mercy.

George H

Thanks so much for the heads up on this story. It's quite revolting but at the same time no very surprising. I just wrote an email to the company to register my disapproval and disgust at their actions.

On a somewhat related note, to piggyback on what Greg said, Rod I would like to commend you upon your site. Possibly you will remember that I expressed some negative comments in one or two of the threads during the primary. Hopefully all is forgiven and I look forward to reading more and commenting more in the future.


This is disgusting.


No need to say how ill these folks are.

But what I find particularly ironic is that this doll looks an awfully lot like George W. Bush, who is one of the most monkey-like humans I have ever seen.


I have to wonder if this is really a sick attack or just a really bad oversight. I mean, it would have to be a really, really, REALLY bad oversight not to realize what they're doing but this could be innocent. Not likely, but I can't see anything else that makes it an obvious racist attack...although this could be a trap to call Obama supporters overly sensitive. Yes, there's something up with this but it might be more (or less) than we think. Thanks for bringing this up, Rod.

Robert P

How could it be an oversight? This was a conscious effort to produce and market a sock toy that compares a black man to a monkey. Surely there is not a grown person alive who is not aware of our racial history.

Rod Mc

GEORGE There were many unfortunate remarks made during the primary season. Hopefully many people are taking their own inventory. Thanks for the comments and apology accepted. Not everyone can admit a mistake.

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