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12 June 2008



Rod, it took me a while to understand where you were coming from on the election and but you were absolutely right, you stuck to the issues and the ugly and hateful comments were all over the line. Fair is fair. That was very wrong what Fox called Michelle Obama, just like the ugly and hateful anti-Clinton comments at MSNBC were wrong. No one can really say they didn't it coming.

atl kid

"For some reason no one commented in that post."

Speaking as a Clinton supporter in the primaries, it's ironic that you have spoken out against these ugly remarks on Barack and Michelle Obama for the longest. And few were willing to do the same for Hillary Clinton. I remember that Chelsea Clinton 'pimped out' post and how no one thought it was worthy to comment. It was wrong to do it to Chelsea or Hillary and its wrong to do it to Michelle."

Calling the married wife of a presidential candidate his 'baby's mama' clearly crosses the line. But MSNBC and the Obama blogs cheered on that type of mudslinging against HRC. I'm glad she is out of the race now, even though the Clinton haters are slinging mud at shadows. So Rod, tell me, will it get uglier for Michelle or is this as far as it will go?


When NAPPY HEADED HOS can be said about beautiful and gifted young black women without punishment (IMUS IS BACK ON THE RADIOWAVES!), Michelle Obama is going to be subjected to words and whispers that are going to hurt and hurl some of us to another space.

The Daily Voice led today with IS AMERICA READY FOR A BLACK FIRST LADY? For me, even that was unnecessary and ugly. I don't really CARE what America is READY for. America wasn't READY to get rid of slavery. America wasn't READY to give women the full right to vote. America wasn't ready for interracial marriage. Power is never conceded. We can't wait for ready.

Michelle Obama can handle whatever they bring, but I guarantee you that THIS and the "secret tape" that people keep whispering about surrounding Mrs. Obama (which was threatened to be released but has never materialized!) has withstood it all!

Bonnie Raitt said it: LET'S GIVE 'EM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT, because they are going to talk. SO...STAND!


Michele Obama called her husband baby's daddy during her introduction to his Illinois senate victory. Is Fuax news slimy ? Yes of course but I don't think this warrants that much outrage.

Robert P

You had better preach on, Rev Kev. I love your spirit and your fire.

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