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12 June 2008



Rod, thank you soooo much for posting this, you have made my day. This is a beautiful story.

Robert R

I love that picture and this story. PRIDE, a deeper love. I love my black sisters and brothers, and I love our black leaders who LEAD and do not FOLLOW.


Awwww. They are such a cute father and daughter. I am so very pleased we have wonderful black mayors, governors and presidential candidates who are leading the way.


great post, rod...

with mayors like fenty (oberlin alums are FIERCE like that! :)), patrck, and paterson out there, i think it does give folk hope to think about a brighter day coming sooner than later....


I thank you Rod for posting this! It shows what a parent should do is embrace their children when a difficult decision is made and brought to light. I am sure it was hard for Katherine to come out to her father. This gives all of us hope and strength. It nice to see and read.

Derrick from Philly


Dr. Johns at Oberlin says, "hello". She's a good friend of mine. Small world, aint it?

Oh, she said you were cute too. I knew that.

Robert P

Oh is Ryan cute, do tell, lol.

Robert P

This is a very uplifting story, btw. I love to read positive coverage on blacks and gay rights.



OOH..how you know professor johns? where is she? is she still at Oberlin????

What gives? lololol!!! email me cause she is FIERCE! her and Rebecca Dixon--ooh, does she keep in touch with Professor Dixon???

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