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11 June 2008



Yup!! U got that right! Being gay here in North America won't land you in jail but it may send you to the ICU.

What bothers me so much is that western nations are unbelievably oblivious to the mistreatments of our gay brothers and sisters around the globe.

Why can't all these "civilized" nations issue some sort of arrest warrants against these idiots? Mugabe is currently person non grata and has been prohibited from flying to Europe by the EU. The same should apply to ANY head of state with a record of human rights abuse. I mean seriously!

Derrick from Philly

If Beyonce ever wants to do a re-make of "The Wiz", she could cast this crazy bitch as Evillene. Yemmeh is a perfect example of what happens when a "queen" never gets no trade--evil forever. I saw some of them back in the 70s...kept my distance.


Derrick, you kill me! I wonder what trade must have been like...Was it anything close to modern day "DL"?

Derrick from Philly


Actually, you're right: TRADE are simply "down low" guys who don't mind being seen...I mean, CAUGHT in company of a fem or "queen". They can always say that they do the "man thing"--play masculine to the queens' feminine (yeah, everywhere except the bedroom sometimes).

Now from what I've read, heard, seen on TV--today's "down low" guys have a total hatred for feminine males and use fem "queens" as an excuse to condemn the whole concept of "gay" (they also say, "gay is white"). Now, there are always exceptions, but that's my take on the difference.

Of course, proper gay men (the majority) consider TRADE to be street hustlers who'll do anything to get drug money.

It seems that today's "down low" guys have a whole philosophy about how to "do" man-to-man relationships: sexual & emotional. They also seem to have network of secret social connections (so that they can connect). "Discreet" is their favorite word.

On the otherhand, TRADE just wants to "bust a nut", and nowadays, make a few bucks.

Finally, TRADE tends to be young...and, well, a little dumb.

Now, what does this have to do with the dictator of Gambia?...well, Gambian "DLs", TRADE, and Gays (foreign and domestic)--better "lay low" for a while. The Gambian Drag Queens better put away the drag for a while-- if not, they better escape to..well,...to the Canary Islands, I guess.


Uh-kay...I see. So pretty much most of my brother's "friends" are "TRADE". Gotcha!! Up here we call them HUSTLERS.

They wouldn't make any money off me (lord knows students are the least cash ready individuals), but they sure love sunday afternoon cook outs and free liquor. Only to start grabing everyone's a$$ (my out gay friends and I) after a few drinks.
Good timez!

Robert P

LOL, Derrick, you are just too much, you can connect the dots between anything. On the serious tip, this man sounds horrible, like another Mugabe.

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