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20 June 2008



Half of my family is Jamaican. I can verify this poll's accuracy from first hand.


Did the indigeous people of Africa really oppose homosexuality?

There are claims of homosexuality ''existing'' before Islam and the tinkering of Christan missionaries in Africa, what gives? Why is it people from the West Indies claim homosexuality in Jamaica and else where is producut of European Imperalisim or White Supremacy? I always thought of it it as an example of Europeans enforicing their bad attitudes and religious beliefs on a group of people they deem savages. Do the people of Africa and the West Indies still follow the laws the Europeans left during colonization? Is homophobia really part of African/Black culture or a threat to Afro-Carribean values?

Being born in one of the three major Spanish speaking island nations (I'm Puerto Rican) it seems I'm not going to be coming out of the closet soon. Being gay within the Latino community is no picnic. But I guess since I'm not a ''person of color'' (do light skined Latinos qualify as POC?) I shouldn't be complaining about it, huh?

Gregory Alexander

The plight of our gay brothers and sisters in Jamaica, the Carribean and Africa is horrible. We complain about the creature comforts in our middle class gay existence and these poor men can barely escape with their lives.



You got it right! Homophobia is a remnant of victorian-era attitudes from European colonizers who robbed indigenous populations of their lands claiming to be spreading/doing the work of God and therefore the indigenous original customs were wiped out because they were "un-godly".

And I don't know where you live but I have a few Puerto Rican and Dominican friends here in Toronto who seem to be fine with their homosexuality, but that's not to say that I know what goes on with their families. Oh and they consider themselves black so I think that one is yours to define for yourself.


Honestly, I'm light skinned but I don't like the labels ''White'' or ''White Hispanic''. I'm neither ''Black'' or ''Mulatto'' My Dad is ''Brown'' and my Mom is ''White'' and it bothers me a lot to be label by skin color. It's like people are trying to portray me as this evil Spanish conquistador or some skinhead going around spreading the message of White Power. I don't even know if I have direct ties to Spain or not. I simply consider myself Puerto Rican and hate having to bring up my ''ethnicity'' because it basically takes away my ''minority'' staus in the USA. Am I a person or color? I know about the hypocritical racism in Latin America (The Spanish are not exactly fond of their cousins in Latin America and the ruling class aren't ''White'' by Euro standards)

With what's going in Jamaica, it seems it's very difficult for the average youth in the West Indies to open about the sexuality. I honestly it's not like that in every country in that region. I know the Bahamas oppose homosexuality but what other regions I wonder.

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