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27 June 2008



Rod, bless your heart, but the time for pretty speeches is over. I've heard more than enough speeches and soaring rhetoric and want to see some results. Hopefully if Obama is elected we can at least get ENDA.

There will be no movement on DOMA and it's becoming to be ridiculous for Obama, Michelle Obama and his supporters to pretend DOMA is going anywhere. There are no votes for it, the overwhelming majority of the states are banning gay marriage, and, more importantly, if Obama won't even fight the telecom companies or the Bush administration on eavesdroppng and privacy rights, or, fight to end the war while in the senate, there is absolutely NO reason to believe he will fight to end DOMA. Obama is many things, but he is not a fighter and does not avoid confrontation. That is why Obama does not directly speak to gay audiences.


I also share many of the same opinions as Xavier. DOMA is dead on arrvial and it's becoming very irritating to me to hear Obama and his gay fans pretend he will 'fight' to remove the legislation. I haven't seen Obama 'fight' for anything, besides this nomination. If he won't 'fight' Bush on wiretapping and refuses to tell other Democrats that the constitution is more important than a talking point, no, he will not 'fight' for gay rights. He is not a fighter but a deal maker.

Back to Michelle Obama and her speech. I like her in this role and prefer her to talk policy, rather than politics. It was an excellent choice to deploy her to this speech and she did an outstanding job of pre-framing the debate for a potential administration. It is a glorious thing that she compared gay rights to civil rights. Now, if she continues that message to the black churches and black audiences, I will be very impressed and the couple will have my strongest support.


This is a good look. I was kind of on the fence about her, but she seems pretty down to earth. Hopefully they'll really make an effort to stay in contact with gays and lesbians on various issues.


I agree, Michelle could do wonders courting gays and lesbians. I agree with Greg, I like Michelle a lot more when she sticks to policy...

Robert  PJ

Duwayne makes a very good point. Michelle comes across as much more empathetic in this setting and I think she may be a good ambassador to our community. She comes across as strong as personable when she is talking policy, I was totally not one of her fans in the primary and a willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.


“I still think that these are decisions that need to be made at a state and local level. I’m a strong supporter of civil unions. And I think that, you know, we’re involved in a national conversation about this issue. You know, I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman”- Obama

Mel Smith

Look, our best hope is to try to get Obama in the White House. You guys remember what happend in 2004? We have to be smart at achieving our goals.


No matter what, queens will never be satisfied. No one ever appreciates anything. Gays are just another sector of the segregated, self destructive , arrogant place we call America. Thanks anyway, Mrs. Obama.

Tyler Grey

Thanks for what? What did Michelle Obama do that was so spectacular?

Obama never once meets with a national gay rights group for a face to face dialogue. He gives two interviews to The Advocate, one because of Donnie McClurkin, and mentions gays in several stump speeches.

Or are gays supposeed to get excited because the wife of a candidate spoke to gays? Sorry, we had a wife and a candidate in 1992, Bill and Hillary Clinton, who met with gay groups and that same woman marched for gay pride and met with gay groups ever since she was elected senator AND while running for president. Meanwhile, Governors Patrick and Paterson are well known for meeting with and dialoguing with gays.

Sorry sweetie, Mrs Obama, the wife of the candidate, did nothing spectacular ... unless she can promise to implement policy.


Mel, you make some good points, but, I'm not supporting Obama just because he is Obama. If he can help us achieve our goals, enact health care, enact ENDA or hate crimes laws, etc, yes, he will be very helpful. But just supporting a candidate and requiring nothing in return is disastrous.

Oh, and Fags on the Rag, your comment is as stupid as your name. Everyone in this thread, as well as Rod, discusses policy and specifics. Obviously, you know nothing of ENDA, DOMA, and civil unions or you would have some analysis. Loser.

Mel Smith

DR, who do you think would be better for us, Obama or McCain? That's all I'm saying. Let's be truthful, it's risky for him to meet with gay rights groups. Let him get in the Whitehouse first. He publicly supports us. Clinton and Obama are two different people.


I never mentioned McCain and believe he would be very bad for the country. Obama, not so bad, and, to be honest, probably more like Jimmy Carter. I have seen absolutely no leadership from Obama on anything and don't expect any once he gets in office. However, I will be voting for Obama in the fall. However, supporting a candidate does not mean they get a free pass on everything and it's very dysfunctional that Obama's core supporters will excuse everything he does and believe 'let's him get in the White House first.' If you blindly support candidates and expect nothing in return, you will get nothing in return.

Oh, and now it's 'risky' for Obama to meet with gay groups? Mel, those types of rationalizations are so outrageous to many of us who supported Clinton in the primaries. I thought Obama was not supposed to be the 'typical politician' and was supposed to be 'transformational'? At least we knew where we stood with Clinton and she didn't promise to be something she wasn't. After claiming Clinton would 'say anything to win', Obama has flip-flopped on the hand guns, death penalty, campaign finance, Iraq and wiretapping in the past two weeks and now you admit it is 'risky' for him to meet with gay groups. At some point, he might think it's risky to 'support' ENDA or ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Obama hasn't had a problem throwing his own pastor or church under the bus when it no longer helps him get elected. Believe people when they show you who they are.

I will vote for Obama in the fall but have no idea why you believe he won't do the same with gays. Maybe you will excuse that too.

Tony Michaels

Mel, I have no idea who 'would be better for us, Obama or McCain?' Both flip flop on campaign promises and positions, support Bush's trampling of the constitution and the fourth amendment, and are making evangelical outreach a major component of their platforms. Obama may be slightly better, but do you know something we do not?

Mel Smith

Look guys, I'm just saying let's try to get Obama in the Whitehouse. When that happens, I think the country would be better for us. Obama has publicly condemned homophobia inside of the black church. He has ALWAYS said positive statements about gay rights. He's not gonna win the presidential race by saying he supports gay marriage. That's just the way it is. He got to get their votes too. Once elected, we must remind him of his promises.

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