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25 June 2008


Patrick S

Thanks for the update because I have not heard this anywhere else. It is certainly a good signal that the Obama campaign is participating in all the prides and Michelle Obama is being deployed as the gay ambassador. I happen to think she is a good speaker. At the same time, it reinforces Obama's perceived discomfort talking to gay audiences, his pandering to church audiences and unwillingness to explain recent remarks.

I'm keeping my options open.

Tony DR

What does 'WYSIWYG' mean?

Greg G

What you see is what you get.

In other words, the Obama you see now is likely to be the Obama you see in the White House. If he doesn't mean with gay groups now, he probably won't later. If he defines marriage as 'one man, one woman' now, he probably will later. I think Obama could be good on gay rights but we will have to keep his feet to fire and keep pushing him because his campaign is so church-obsessed, almost like Bush's was in 2000 and 2004. It's very clear he would rather mention 'gay' than talk to us face to face to answer some questions. That is very good for some, not enough for others. So far we see Obama can talk the talk. Can he walk the walk, we will see.

Colin G

I think Michelle Obama would be a great asset with gay audiences. I'm hopeful this will be the beginning of a strong partnership.


Are black gay issues separate from all other gay platforms or would that only apply to the PRIDE celebrations?

Mad Professsah

any chance of getting some Rod 2.0 coverage on what Michelle Obama SAYS to the DNC Leadership Council?

Mel Smith

I think this is good news. I just want to see Obama in the Whitehouse.


how will the gay community react when obama throws them under the bus? his machiavellian antics in the past with reverend wright and public financing shows to me that he will do anything to get ahead.

Derrick from Philly

"how will the gay community react when obama throws them under the bus..."

Get back up and keep on keepin' on, brotha'. Obama's job will be to see that the gay community doesn't get thrown under the freight train of a far right wing Supreme Court.


'Get back up and keep on keepin' on, brotha'

Work it out, Derrick. We have disagreed on some things but you nailed it with that one.

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