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13 June 2008


Derrick from Philly

Look , when you've got millions of dollars to spend on lawyers--you get acquitted. But, isn't this type of thing a pattern with him: underage girls & kinky (demeaning for the girl)sex. Listen to me...child, please--I'm no saint, but the demeaning stuff.... I don't want to pee on nobody, and I don't want nobody peein' on me--not even Reggie Bush...then, again...

But he's got the money...and, obviously, money can buy you kinky sex with underage folks.


When my co-worker told me the verdict a couple hours ago I said WHAT! Everybody knows his history with young girls going back to Aaliyah. My co-worker even mentioned schools in Chicago where Kelly would meet young girls. I told her on the news there will be sistas holding up signs and cheering for him. What a crying shame.

Lang B.

Yuck! So sad. This is very common in the Black community. It is a sick attitude that a lot of folks have. I know lot's of people who were molested or sexualized by adults and it is just brushed off like oh well. It sends the wrong message to grown folks who have an attraction for minors. Warped victory for R Kelly.

He can molest girls and I can't marry a free-thinking legal adult male.


Lang B., that's because you're not right with Jesus.

R. Kelly is.

Robert P

Lang, that is a very good point. I have been with my BF for five years and would love to marry. R Kelly is a joke, why do so many in our community support him.


that's because you're not right with Jesus.

R. Kelly is.

Posted by: Jim |

What an absurd thing to say!!!
How is R. Kelly so "right with
Jesus"??? That was him on that
damn tape. If he was so innocent,
he would have immediately sought
justice, instead of having his
legal team constantly drag it on
and on. He has a history of
dealings with young girls. Not to
say they were not consenting, but
they were NOT adults. He was/is,
and that makes it illegal, and
NOT right with Jesus, Joseph, or
Mary!!! I hope he learns from
this, and starts aiming his
"piss-tol" at willing females of
legal age.


Bruh, I'm sure Jim was being sarcastic. Right, Jim?

Now R "Pissy"(Like Jasmin Cannick calls him) Kelly acquited? This world gets stranger every day...


Bruh, I'm sure Jim was being sarcastic. Right, Jim?

Now R "Pissy"(Like Jasmyne Cannick calls him) Kelly acquitted? This world gets stranger every day...


And he makes more money from his lame recordings to hide even more sexual activities. The man is a hack lacking TRUE talent.

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