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06 June 2008




Barack Obama had to WORK for Black support because he was NEVER seen a Kid Wonder among black folks in Chicago, because he didn't come through the chosen channels.

I remember being so dismayed that Tom Bradley hadn't mentored someone to succeed him in L.A. after his longstanding stint as Mayor, as Andrew Young and Maynard Jackson did in Atlanta.

Rev. Wright is a masterful teacher and his book GOOD NEWS, which includes a wonderful sermon on GOOD NEWS FOR HOMOSEXUALS, which I have taught from for years, is having an EGO MOMENT! If he was going to step down, then step down. If he was going to stand and stay, he should have stayed. But to FLOUNDER and FLIP-FLOP like this is getting on my last nerves!



Something tells me this man ain't through with Obama yet. I'm not the biggest Obama supporter, but my gut tells me this clown was paid to show out and hurt that man's race for the nom. I just have a feeling he's up to something. Just sit down already, geez!

Mel Smith

Rev. Kev, thanks for your info. I have to purchase Rev. Wright's book. As a black gay man, I would never say anything bad about Rev. Wright; he respects me for who I am.

C. Baptiste-Williams

Personally who cares?!?!

This has nothing to do with Barack and the November election but people will not just let this man go back to the irrelevance he has had.

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