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25 June 2008


Colin G

This is wonderful news. I grew up in the early and mid 70s and these women were my early idols. I was a young black gay boy into hair, music and fashion, I loved these fierce divas.

Colin G

Rod, one more thing, this blog is absolutely fabulous, you cover everything from fashion, the Supremes, to the latest on McCain and Obama and black gay news. I'm a black gay man in late 40s and its great to find blogs that appeal to all of us, not just the teenyboppers.

atl kid

Welcome, Colin. Some of us are outspoken but none of us bite, lol.

This exhibit looks fabulous. Mary Wilson is such a consummate performer, I absolutely love her fashion. And that expression on her face at top is just priceless. Now it's time to shop for super savers to London.

Henry TW

I'm in South London and unfortunately have not seen the exhibit yet, but, have heard about it through several friends. Supposedly it's brilliant. Needlesss to say, I'll be going straightaway to the V&A.

Oh, and yes, kudos on the blog coverage. It's quite the surprise to log on and regularly read American news and suddenly find some info on happenings in London. Cheers.


Love Mary. Love Diana. Love Florence. Love Cindy. Love Jean. Love Linda. Love Scherrie. Love Susaye. Love The Supremes, period! Why is it that these sorts of things never take place in the states? I'd put down good money for an exhibit like that.


I love Mary Wilson, I wish this exhibit would come to Los Angeles, I would be there in a heartbeat.

Derrick from Philly

You know, I loved the Supremes when I was a little, fat Supreme in the ghetto of North Philly, but when Ross went out on her own--I was never a big fan (I started to get into white divas for a while--Garland, Striesand, etc.) But I must admit Diana Ross is a fabulous legend (I hope she got some of that billionaire's money...I guess her son's certainly will. I know, I know, "what a cynical bitch Derrick is." Who cares?)

I almost got into a fight with some rabid Ross fan one time. This "queen" (who didn't consider himself a "queen")went crazy because I said the Aretha was a far greater singer than Diana Ross. Child, that bitch wanted get physical...what a nut.

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