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11 June 2008


Robert R

I love The Rock. He is dorky and sexy, and, yes, losing a little of his gay humor. But I still loves him.

Derrick from Philly

He oughtta' deep kiss Vin Diesel. Now, that would be a BIracial treat!

But then again, I don't need to be speculatin' on people I don't know nothin' 'bout. (Should I say that line like Stepin', or Butterfly MacQueen, or Louise Beavers, or Willie Best, or Snoop Dog?)


well, The Rock is trying to appeal to the Disney/Family audience...

his next films: a remake of return to witch mountain and tooth fairy...so, im sure he's toning it down because it wouldn't come off well with people who watch the kid friendly family comedies and dramas, etc.

derrick: no, he shouldn't kiss vin diesel...he should kiss Gary Dourdan THAT would be hot..though, The Rock may have to give gary a few e pills to "get into it" given his latest drug bust...

Love the rock and love that he is moving into this new phase of his hollywood career.



I love you for this. You KNOW that Dwayne is my OH my OH my BOOOOO. He's actually talking about the Will Smith of HITCH (he kisses Kevin James in front of the house in NYC, remember), not Six Degrees.

I love Mr. Johnson and gentlemen, what's sick is that photos don't do him justice. In person, he's unnervingly phyne!


I think Steve Carell was referring to Will Smith's on screen kiss with Kevin James in "Hitch", not "Six Degrees of Separation."


Opps, I meant The Rock. But yeah, he was referring to Will Smith's kiss in Hitch.

Rod Mc

Thanks, David, that totally slipped my mind. I made the change.


What's really funny is that he referenced Jake Gyllenhaal and Will Smith another pair of sexually ambigious Hollywood types.


oops... A-M-B-I-G-U-O-U-S even the spelling "trips" you up!


oops... A-M-B-I-G-U-O-U-S even the spelling "trips" you up!


On "The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno" June 18, 2008, Jay Leno while interviewing Dwayne, said Dwayne was bipolar. Dwayne replied, "Bi is the only thing I am," then laughed to himself. Seemingly surprised, Jay asked, "what is that?" Dwayne paused and replied, "bi polar.. is what i was going to say" then pointed to the audience telling them to behave.

Once again The rock is still cooking something.. when will he serve?

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