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06 June 2008


Derrick from Philly

I don't know what's more beautiful: his penetrating eyes or those lucious lips.

I catch the train every morning with a guy that has lips like Thierry--only a little thicker. I think the boy is gay too (my train boy, not Thierry), but we never speak to each other. Aint that silly--as old as my ass is and got the nerve to be shy...or scared. Of what?


I love Thierry Henry, he is sooo sexy and alluring. And a great sportsman. Oh, and your stories are the best, Derrick, I am sure you are very handsome.

Derrick from Philly

Thanks, MC, I'm likable enough (as a very great man said to a great lady back in February). I'm sure the "handsome" label can be attached to you and most of the guests on this blog--it certainly describes our host.

Hey, I'll pray you get to to meet Thierry Henry up close and personal one day, and you pray for me to meet Reggie Bush...no, make it Marcus Patrick...no, make it Tyson Beckford...no, make it Mario Lopez...no, make it Djimon Hounsou...no...well, I'll settle for nice, middle-aged, ex-marine, gay man with a big, thick, lucious....heart, and who doesn't produce too much gas (between the two of us I only want passionate explosions!)


DERRICK...U, scared? Ha!! But seriously...Thierry est trop sexxxy!! I heard he swings both ways by the way! Thierry, that is...Not your train boy! Anywayz, thanks Rod. Now my week is all set!!

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