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07 July 2008


Derrick from Philly

Yeah, his fiance looks like the type that could whip out a strap-on and tear his skinny booty up. Oh, but that would still be hetero sex, wouldn't it? Never mind.


Floridians really got shamed from this Crist guy...promise them anything, tax cuts, property tax cuts, catastratosphric huricane insurance fund blah blah blah...I and others were suspicious from the get go...now the state is in dire shape...god forbid when the next cat4 hurricane hits..and what about all those "new" industries that were going to boost Florida's tax revenues? Scripts technologies was going to open on the east coast...the republicans gave them BIG tax cuts..yet still there is no Scripts instead the state was going to cut the medically needy program and at the last moment kept it alive by dipping into the states reserve. Oh and the tomato scare..where was Crist..instead of demanding the govt find out what is really going on tomato farmers (whom are mostly conservative republicans) are floundering and going broke ..while Crist is picking out wedding rings...ya hes a great governor

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