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08 July 2008


M Mark

Who are you? The hall monitor? Get over it, sweetie. The big story here is that a black Republican is pushing gay rights.

Rod Mc

DEAN Enough already. ABC News, the Arizona Republic, the AP, and, Connerly himself, say 'black.'

Your have been warned twice before on your silly obsession with colorism. Leave this thread and make no additional color/race comments on this blog or you will be banned.


I've heard of this man. Connerly is the Republican's best weapon against affirmative action, a black man saying the playing field is level and affirmative action is never necessary. Normally, my response could not be printed here but gay rights needs all the help it can get.


Ewwwwwwww! If Ward Connerly is for, I might want to be against it !

Mel Smith

Well, as a gay person of color, I DO appreciate Ward Connerly's views that we should have the same rights as heterosexuals. Honestly, how many black heterosexal men support our rights? Therefore you all need to stop trying to be like them and appreciate Connerly's views on gay rights. Most black heterosexual men don't give a damn about our rights, and many of them don't even consider us their equal/kind. So you all have to be really crazy siding with them and disrespecting Ward Connerly.

Mervin Malone Jr.

Rod -- I'm in a state of SHOCK! Connerly still has a long way to go as far as black issues, though. He's still a right-wing stool pigeon.


ok you had a brutha checking his computer/eye sight, etc. with this quote from Wardell. he did a job on us here in Michigan. let's hope he shares these views with his cohorts.

Dane C

Wad Connerly is a tool of the right wing and is the poster boy for self-hating black Republicans. I have no idea if this support of gay rights is genuine, but, I'm happy to see he is finally embracing something honest. I still don't like him, though.


I'm no fan of Ward Connerly. His positions on affirmative action are against everything I stand for, but, I thought this interview was interesting.

Feel free to criticize or praise, my rebuke in the previous comment was not about Connerly per se.

bradley jackson

Okay Rod, thanks for clarifying. I thought you were going soft for a minute, lol.

Ok, no that we have that out the way, Ward Connerly is a tool. He is a self-aggrandizing, token negro who fronts for the right wing. Connerly is a California Republican a la Schwarzenegger who doesn't believe discrimination should be codified into the business transactions. He considers affirmative action 'discrimination.' Of course, he has benefited from affirmative action as much as Condoleezza Rice or Clarence Thomas has.

curry j

The interview is actually very thoughtful. It's interesting how Connerly believes Obama's nomination signals affirmative action is no longer necessary. FWIW, I'm not even sure how widespread affirmative action programs are, outside of college admissions, governments contracting and certain programs. It doesn't seems like it is very extensive, but, it undoubtedly has caused some good.

Connerly sounds more like a Rockefeller Republican than a libertarian, corporatist and not strong on civil rights.

bradley jackson

Curry, I disagree with you. In the 1970s, the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party was firmly behind affirmative action. The Nixon administration greatly expanded affirmative action in hiring and purchasing. Of course, there was that southern strategy ...


i'm so confused.

Carl CS

Please don't feed the trolls. We are obviously dealing with some gays who are 'bitter' and 'clinging to their keyboards.'


Being from California and going through the hell of the 90s with the anti-immigration and anti-affirmative action initiatives I have to wholeheartedly agree with Luther. I loathe Connerly. He needs to go in a hole somewhere and never come out...

Derrick from Philly

Thanks, Luther & Duwayne.

Considering the history of this country, anyone who is anti-affirmative action is a hater of black people. As a faggot, I don't get along that well with other black folks (straight & anti-fem homos), but I'll be damned if I'm going to delude myself into thinking that anti-black black men like Clarence Thomas and Ward Connerly have my interest in their interest.

Atleast 200 years of affirmative action is justified after the effects of 400 years of the deliberate oppression black people in the United States.

Now, black people's treatment of black homosexuals...well, that aint a pretty history lesson either.

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