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05 July 2008



why do i get the feelin this so called "beef" now was just a ploy to stop these gay rumors between the two.....anywho (sigh)


A ploy indeed. Today's music is so devoid of integrity, substance or honor, you have to feel just about everything is calculated and false.
(I'm just wondering why these 2 guys are famous, and how they make a living.)


Yeah Jackie B, I was thinking the same thing. They gotta do what they gotta do though, so I ain't mad. Clearly their straight fans were not going to accept them as a couple.

Robert Jones, Jr.

Are you sure these lyrics are representing a beef? I think it can be read another way. I was thinking more along the lines of:

"But you made a nigga wanna [leave the one I'm with, start a new relationship with you]" ala Usher's "You Make Me Wanna".

M. Mark

Robert has a point. I think Omarion's body and tight jeans made Bow Wow want to do other things. Only know he pretends its a beef, someone told them the blogs are going crazy over their relationship and to butch it up.


I think Robert is onto something. That doesn't sound like a beef. More like a love tap. "The Denim jeans is tight, You're an Omarion looka boy" reads like a compliment while, "I mean I did it for the fun - you know what I'm saying. But you made a nigga wanna" suggests it was a sexual attraction first that turned into something more.

Either way, beef or terms of endearment, it won't stop us from assuming they're gay lovers. ROTFL.

taylor Siluwe

I hear ya, Bernie. That 'made me wanna' line rang seXual to me. Of course, I'm nasty like that. Still, if this is a ploy a squash the gay couple rumor it's an idiotic one. Even some of the comments on his YouTube suggest that they'll "make up." (lol) Even if they got into a fist-fight that wouldn't kill the rumor (seen plenty of couples do that). As a matter of fact, no one gives me the urge to punch 'em in the head like someone I love.

That rumor is stuck like glue. They might as well exhale and keep it real -- but fat chance of that.

Two pu*sies in a pod.


Quinton M

Umm, I think Robert and Mark are correct. The so-called 'beef' is probably a publicity stunt designed to take attention away from the rumors on the internets. These boys were lovers and their managers and label execs told them the gossip was beginning to be too much.


This 'beef', like many others, is a contrived piece of publicity. Bow Wow has new material coming out, Omarion is working on a new deal, there is lots of gossip about the two ... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.


I too read the "The denim jeans is tight.." line as a compliment more than a dis. Face it...Omarion is doing a favor to a pair of jeans when he puts them on.

I havent seen O and Bow together in a minute and now that O is off working with Tim, maybe the two have moved on.
I wouldnt expect Bow to take shots at O though unless it was "staged"

Steve- O

It seems that Bow Wow on that picture wearing tight blue jeans too.

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